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9-1-1 season 7 trailer reveals Angela Bassett's Athena Grant is much more trouble than we thought

 9-1-1 returns to ABC on March 14

Angela Bassett as Athena Grant-Nash in 9-1-1
Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis - Los Angeles
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Angela Bassett's Athena Grant looks to be in major trouble when 9-1-1 season seven returns to screens, as ABC has dropped the first trailer, and the cruise explosion looks set to be more catastrophic than we first thought.

As Athena and husband Captain Bobby Nash attempt to relax and take some time away for their delayed honeymoon, they find themselves embroiled in a terrorist plot that ends with a bomb on the boat... and Athena gripping on to Bobby's hand as the waters rise.

Watch the terrifying trailer here… 

Watch the first full trailer for 9-1-1 season 7

The pair were last seen at the end of season six heading out on their long-awaited honeymoon, without telling their friends or families, and the first teaser trailer confirmed suspicions that the two may have been on board when a sergeant's badge could be seen floating through the water. 

However, the new full-length trailer also shares how Station 118 discover the danger Athena and Bobby are in, with 9-1-1 operator Maddie Buckley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) telling her fiance, firefighter Howard 'Chim' Han (Kenneth Choi), and then later acting Captain Hen Wilson (Aisha Hinds) telling colleagues Evan 'Buck' Buckley (Oliver Stark) and Eddie Diaz (Ryan Guzman).

The episode is called 'Abandon ‘Ships" and the synopsis reads: "Athena and Bobby set off on their honeymoon cruise, but when duty calls, their vacation is put on hold. Meanwhile, a fighter jet traps a civilian, and an unusual incident leaves a couple stuck together." 

During the Television Critics Association event in February 2024, showrunner Tim Minear revealed the cruise emergency was inspired by the film The Poseidon Adventure and will be a three-episode arc. 

The title "Abandon 'Ships" is also an interesting insight into the couples of 9-1-1, as the apostrophe before the word "ship" hints at a shortening of the word "relationship". 

Oliver Stark, Kenneth Choi and Ryan Guzman star in 9-1-1© ABC
Oliver Stark, Kenneth Choi and Ryan Guzman star in 9-1-1

At the end of season six, firefighters Buck and Eddie both appeared to have entered into new romances, with Buck clearing the air with death doula Natalia (Annelise Cepero) and asking her to help him buy a new couch, while Eddie was encouraged by his son Christopher (Gavin McHugh) to call Marisol (Edy Ganem), a woman he met on a call, and ask her out on a date. 

While it is unclear if the episode will feature any kind of time jump, Annelise is thought to not be returning as she has a new Broadway play in New York City, suggesting that as well as the literal "abandon the cruise ship" meaning, the episode title is also hinting that Buck has abandoned his relationship. 

“I think this season is truly this time a season of self-discovery for Buck,” Oliver shared with press during the panel. “I think he’s finding ways to break that cycle.”