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Myleene Klass talks festive fashion and shares plans for a fabulous family Christmas with HELLO!

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Taking centre stage with Royal Ballet star Eric Underwood as she launches her latest collection, stylish mum of two Myleene Klass talks to HELLO!'s Beauty Editor Nadine Baggott about festive fashion, do's and don'ts and her plans for a fabulous family Christmas. Read the full interview in HELLO!, out now.

Myleene, what can we find in your new festive party range?

"Hope you like glitter. I love the Christmas collection – I can sit there and go 'more glitter', 'more fluff'. I think I must be subliminally channelling being brought up as a child of the Eighties and watching Dynasty. I'm sure that's in there. The collection is a real labour of love. I can't stress enough how much thought and love has gone into every single garment. I try to make something for everyone."

What are your festive fashion dos and don'ts?

"I don't like rules. I think we're put under pressure, 'Is it on trend?', 'Did I get it right?', 'Have I worn it the right way?' Suddenly boho is in and everyone is sporting that look, then military. Ironically, in our effort to look different, we all look like automatons. I believe if you like something, then wear it. Get the dress, make it your own. Just enjoy yourself. If you're uncomfortable and can't move, or the clothes are wearing you, then I can't imagine how the rest of the night will go, only downhill. For me, there are no don'ts, just go for broke. It's go hard or go home."


What is the best bit of Christmas Day?

"When the girls wake me up at 5am and say, 'Is it okay to get out of bed?' That is magical, that is what it's all about, that excitement of, 'Has Santa been?' There have been a few questions recently [about Santa's existence]. It's par for the course as it shows they are inquisitive, that they are trying to figure it all out. I say to Ava and Hero, 'Really? I have so much on my plate, do you think I'm Santa too?' I hope the magic lasts, but I’m not sure for how long it will. They always want to see what Santa has brought me so I have to wrap up something. And they both asked for presents for each other on their lists, which is really sweet. I don't think my sister and I did that. They are really protective of each other."

Read the full interview in HELLO!, out now.

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