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Pinterest's top ten beauty trends for 2018

The visual ideas website has revealed its must-read 100 Report

beauty trends 2018 mascara© Photo: iStock
Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
December 13, 2017
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Long lashes, cleansing oil and slicked-back hairstyles are among the new beauty trends heading our way in 2018. Pinterest has released its 100 Report, which reveals the top upcoming trends over the coming year. The website reports a 75% increase in beauty Pins year over year, with Pinners on the lookout for the latest products, tips and how-to videos. Here's a look at the new beauty crazes coming soon…

It's all about lashes

While 2017 has seen the beauty industry captivated by beautiful brows, the coming year will focus on luscious lashes. Think long lashes and exactly how to get the look – Pins of 'lashes' are up 152 per cent.

longhair© Photo: iStock

Long hairstyles will be popular in 2018

Cleansing oil is big

If you want super-soft skin, ultra-smooth hair and lips that shimmer, then get yourself some cleansing oil pronto. Pins of 'cleansing oil' are up a staggering 555 per cent making it the must-have product of 2018.

Multi shade foundation

Gone are the days of foundation coming in just three shades; Pins of 'complexion matching' are up 378 per cent on Pinterest. New shade-inclusive foundations offer a wider variety of colours for all skin tones.

Ditch the bob

Saves for 'long hair' and 'pixie' are up 130 per cent, meaning these looks will be big next year. Time to wave goodbye to the bob in favour of long tresses and funky, shorter styles.

eyeshadow© Photo: iStock

Get your neon eye make-up ready for 2018

Geometric nails

Nail art is getting some personality in 2018, with Pins up 83 per cent for 'geometric nails'. No more standard manis – have a little fun with new shapes and negative space patterns.

Get a facial roller

Ok, it sounds a bit peculiar but facial or derma rollers are all the rage, helping the skin repair itself and minimise wrinkles. Pins are up 345 per cent on 'derma rollers' which come in materials such as jade and quartz.

Neon eyes

Time to create wow-factor eyes with some neon eyeliner or bright inner eyeshadow. Searches on 'bright eyeshadow' are up 63 per cent according to Pinterest so lookout for this new trend for 2018.

facial roller© Photo: iStock

Facial rollers are a big new skincare trend

All-in-one kits

It's so much simpler to carry your make-up in one kit, with products such as mascara, eyeshadows, lip colours and foundation altogether. With saves for 'makeup kit' up 147 per cent, pinners are moving away from separate items.

Lovely lip tints

Bold lips are so last year; now it's all about sheer or matte lip tint, which is up 414 per cent on saved pins. Lip tints are an easy way to add subtle colour to your lips, so watch this space.

Curls and slicked-back styles

Hair trends for 2018 are all about slicked-back looks and curls – even perms. Yes perms. Pins for these styles were up a huge 166 per cent so time for a few 80s throwback looks!

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