Mel C reveals her anti-ageing beauty secrets

This is how she stays looking fresh-faced

When Victoria Beckham posted a picture of all five Spice Girls together last Friday, fans immediately went into overdrive – and not just because of the possibility of an on-stage reunion. Followers were quick to point out how youthful the five women looked – in particular Mel C, with her fresh face and glossy hair. So what’s the secret to Sporty Spice’s youthful glow? These are the beauty tips she swears by…

A healthy attitude to food

The 44-year-old has previously admitted to suffering from an eating disorder as a teenager. However, she now says she has developed a healthy attitude towards dieting and treats. “I have my 80/20 rule where through the week I try to be healthy – and then at weekends I’m a lot more relaxed,” she told the Mail in 2014. 

All five Spice Girls hinted at a reunion

Plenty of exercise

There’s a reason she was known as Sporty Spice. Mel C has always been open about her love of exercise and movement, and says she is a big yoga fan. “Exercise is a very important part of me. I’m a very physical person,” she told French magazine MODZIK. “My mind-body connection is very strong.”

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Subtle surgery

The singer has admitted to having botox, but says she’s determined to keep it to a small amount. “It can be a slippery slope. I’ve done musical theatre and I want to be able to move my face,” she told Good Housekeeping last year. “I’ve had bits of botox done. I do like it, but it does freak me out because I don’t want to turn into that person that everyone thinks looks like Michael Jackson.”

The Spice Girl looked glowing at an event last November

Nutrition supplements

Mel has said she takes Lumity anti-ageing supplements, which contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and ingredients such as turmeric. “I was very excited to discover Lumity – I’m really surprised how well I’ve been sleeping and how my energy is up at such a busy time,” she says.

A good foundation

Since becoming a mum to daughter Scarlet, Mel has said she’s never without a decent foundation coverage. “Sleep is often interrupted, to say the least, and it’s an ideal way of covering up those bags the following morning!” she told Mail Online.

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