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Exclusive: Anthea Turner, 63, reveals secret behind her age-defying looks

The former GMTV star reveals her beachside beauty tips and the tweakments she swears by

Anthea Turner wearing white shirt posing in front of bush
Lydia Mormen
Junior Beauty Writer
August 22, 2023
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Anthea Turner looks as radiant as ever. At 63, it could be assumed she sticks to a high maintenance self-care regime and that her bathroom shelves are laden down with lots of lotions and potions, but that’s not the case. Instead, she finds pleasure in keeping her beauty routine to a minimum and finding nifty, multi-use products.

“It’s quite frightening if you look at all the products we use to get out in the morning, from toothpaste to hair products – and the list goes on. It’s crazy,” says the TV presenter. “I’m a tidy-upper and I looked at all these different bottles and thought: ‘What if you can have one thing that does six different things?’”

As she launches her own six-in-one beauty balm, Anthea speaks exclusively to hello! about her new product and how island life changed her skincare forever.

Anthea Turner wearing printed blouse with blonde hair© Anthea Turner
Anthea Turner believes in keeping her beauty routine to a minimum and prefers multi-use products

Anthea, tell us a bit more about your beauty balm...

I love balms. For years I’ve used a balm to take my make-up off because it’s kind to your skin and you don’t wake up with that horrible tight feeling. Balm 6 is a make-up remover, but it’s a lash and brow conditioner, a lip balm, hair balm, cuticle balm and face mask as well.

I asked myself one day: ‘Why have I got six pots that each do one thing when I could have one that does six?’ The ingredients we have used are all ones I’ve used singularly or are in other products I love.

When did you decide to strip back your skincare routine?

My lightbulb moment to stop messing around with my skin was on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins [in 2020]. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

When we left the camp on a Hebridean island, I went to little B&B for a sleep and a clean-up and it B&B for a sleep and a clean-up and it was the first time I’d seen a mirror in was the first time I’d seen a mirror in four or five days.

I went towards the mirror in trepidation, and I just stared at myself because my skin looked amazing and I’d done nothing. The only washing I did was a splash of water or in washing I did was a splash of water or in the sea. I was glowing.

Anthea Turner in white shirt holding up Balm 6 © Anthea Turner
"I think less is more," says Anthea when it comes to her skincare regime

Has your approach to beauty changed as you've got older?

I think less is more. The lovely thing that age gives you is that you’ve tried so many things and realised most things don’t work. I’ve learnt that moisturising your skin is so important – it doesn’t matter if you have had Botox or whatever, you can’t beat moisturised, supple skin.

Just simplify everything, and respect and protect your skin. We will all end up with wrinkles, but you can soften them by nourishing your skin from within and also protecting it.

What is your approach to tweakments?

I would say it’s just tidy up as you go along! I had Botox for the first time when I was about 40 – I got those lines across my forehead arrested before they’d formed.

I think everything in moderation. I have the tiniest bit of filler just above the side of my lips to stop that droop. I’ve used [the moisturising treatment] Profhilo, which does work, but you have to keep it up. It’s hyaluronic acid in a syringe.

The elixir of youth isn’t in a pot of cream. It’s your attitude and what you put in your mouth. In your 30s, you can get away with it, but when you get into your 40s, away with it, but when you get into your 40s, things start to catch up. Chris Evans said on his breakfast show something like: ‘When you get into your 50s, you’re in snipers’ alley.’

Balm 6 cream next to lemon and herbs new launch from Anthea Turner© Anthea Turner
Anthea Turner swears by her anti-ageing BALM 6 cream

What are your holiday essentials?

Obviously Balm 6! I’ve been using Altruist Altruist SPF because it’s so inexpensive, but it does the job. I’ll take my electrolytes and I’ll take a candle in a tin for when I’m in my hotel room. I love St Eval, lemongrass and rosemary. I love rosemary – I actually eat fresh rosemary as a breath freshener!

What’s your top beauty hack for the beach?

When I’m at the beach, my hair isn’t straight, it’s more curly-wavy, so I’ll use the balm on the ends to keep them moisturised when I come out of the sea, or I’ll run a bit of conditioner through it. I also take a muscle and joint spray to spray over me at the beach – it’s great for to spray over me at the beach – it’s great for when you’re all hot and sticky. It’s menthol-y and has got a cooling effect

What make-up products do you swear by? What products do you swear by?

As far as foundation is concerned, I’ve used mineral foundation since about 2000 and I just found a new one, Cosmetics à la Carte, which I love. I use Max Factor 'False Lash Effect' mascara and the Delilah 'Pure Light' powder in Lustre – it’s fantastic.

How we can cut the cost of our beauty routine?

If you are going to spend money, spend it on things that will actually make a difference, like Botox or a new haircut. I think if you buy a pot of cream that’s hundreds of pounds, you need to be taken to one side and smacked with a wet fish. That’s crazy.

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Do you have a fitness routine?

Things have to fit into your life – I went to the gym this morning and I’ll probably go tomorrow, but I won’t go for the next few days. I might nip out for a run though. I bought a weight vest for when I take the dog bought a weight vest for when I take the dog for a walk. While he’s smelling trees, I can do a few squats on the way. Or I’ll wear ankle weights around the house. Little things that make a big difference.

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Do you have a signature scent?

I love Penhaligon’s – you can’t go wrong with Blenheim Bouquet –and I love Bergamote 22 from Le Labo, and I do like Jo Loves. I like to switch it up because I used to wear [Le Labo] Santal 33 all the time and I stopped smelling it.

Balm 6 is available to order from for £36 plus p and p.

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