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I tried Milk’s viral Jelly Tint and this is my honest opinion

If you’re looking for a long-lasting blush you’ll want to try this viral beauty buy

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Junior Beauty Writer Lydia Mormen tries the Milk Jelly Tints
Lydia Mormen
Junior Beauty Writer
12 March 2024
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One thing you should know about me is that sensorial products are my jam. If it smells good, looks good, or tastes good (rare in beauty but not unheard of), then it’ll head straight to the top of my ‘to test’ list. 

These new Cooling Water Jelly Tints from Milk Makeup tick all the boxes (apart from taste) and have already gone viral in the US. After watching multiple TikTok's raving about the irresistibly fun but effective formula, I knew I had to try them.

With searches for tinted products (including lip tints) up 81% in the last year, Milk is tapping into the trend for long-lasting beauty with a natural looking finish that we can’t seem to get enough of. 

Milk Makeup's Jelly Tint
Milk Makeup's Jelly Tint went viral

What I look for in a blush 

I’m a sucker for a pinched cheek, bitten lip look - especially as we come into Spring. But if there’s two products that I always struggle to make last it’s got to be blush and lipstick. While I know a stain can be more un-budgeable than regular lip and cheek products, I haven’t reached for one since my secondary school days when I’d smuggle Benetint into my school bag. Something about the formula of some tints just felt a bit dry and dated. 

Recently I’ve found myself opting for creamy, balmy textures to get a natural glowy colour.

What to expect from the Milk Jelly Tint 

The first thing to note is that Milk’s Jelly Blush works as a stain, so you have to work quickly to diffuse the colour before it dries down -  but that does mean that once you apply these they won’t go anywhere.

The stick really is like a firm jelly texture that gives a cooling, watery pay-off as it’s applied to the skin. I was initially nervous it would remove the foundation underneath but that didn’t happen and it blended well. 

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Although you can apply the product straight to the cheek and blend with your fingers, Milk’s Director of Artistry Sara Wren recommends using a brush to diffuse the colour onto the cheeks for mess-free application and I personally prefer this technique to ensure a seamless finish. 

My final thoughts on Milk’s Jelly Tint

Lydia wears the Jelly Tint in shade Splash
Lydia wears the Jelly Tint in shade Splash

There’s no denying that the reason these have gone so viral is because of their unique texture. It is a satisfying jelly that feels bouncy and cooling as you apply to the skin. However, unlike lots of ‘fun’ products I was also impressed with the performance. 

The colours are really buildable and can be mixed together to create your desired shade. I can see myself reaching for these when I want that natural no makeup look, but with a really healthy flush that doesn’t disappear throughout the day. 

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Used on the lips they are a great base for a sheer gloss to add a layer of colour that’ll stay as your glossy topper fades away which I loved. They also don’t feel drying, like some other lip tints I’ve tried, which is thanks to a hydrating formula that includes niacinamide and aloe. 

The only thing I would say is all the shades are variations of pink and sometimes I prefer a more bronzy shade of blush - hopefully there are more shades in the pipeline! 

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