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Katie Daly alongside swatches of makeup products© Phill Taylor,Getty

How a skinimalist approach to my beauty regime changed my skincare game

Say hello to summer skincare where less is more

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Katie Daly
Lifestyle Writer
June 18, 2024
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The 'Clean Girl' makeup that took the beauty world by storm in 2023 has taken a step to the side in recent months as Sabrina Carpenter's blush-heavy, winged eyeliner look takes the top spot as the most coveted makeup look of the summer. 

But minimal makeup girls, fret not. The 'less is more approach' of the clean girl aesthetic is very much still in when it comes to our skincare regimes. In fact, a new report by makeup and skincare giant Avon has revealed that across all ages and income brackets, 63% of women prefer a slimmed-down skincare regime using a maximum of three products.

Sabrina Carpenter's blonde bouncy hair is her signature look© Getty
Sabrina Carpenter loves a blush-heavy look

The Future of Beauty Report: Skincare edition also found that in the UK this percentage grew to 68% with the average UK woman using 2.7 products daily.

Finish your self-care session with a rich moisturiser© Getty
63% of women prefer a slimmed-down skincare regime

Personally, I have never been a particular lover of the less is more approach to makeup. I will happily admit that while I may pare things back in the daytime, I am a sucker for a smokey eye, a false lash, and a glossy lip for a night on the tiles.

And yet, I find myself aligning more and more with the 63% of women who prefer a slimmed-down skincare regime. Let me tell you why.


An anonymous female customer holding her basket while shopping© Getty
A skinimalist routine is more budget-friendly

It goes without saying that a reduced skincare regime, with only a handful of products, is a more affordable approach to skincare. Given half a chance I would be like a witch with a cauldron mixing handfuls of lotions and potions, but for many, the pursestrings tighten at the very thought of splashing out on tiny bottles of product that rival the cost of a weekly food shop.

Buying fewer products is cheaper full stop. But buying fewer products also allows you to feel less guilty for occasionally treating yourself to a high-end product or two.


Natural oil cosmetics with shadows on a pink background. Flat lay style.© Getty
I am minimising the amount of products in my routine

If you are buying for a teen or are getting into skincare yourself, approaching skincare shopping with a less is more attitude can stop you from feeling overwhelmed or like you are compelled to buy every product available for the sake of it.

The proof is in the pudding

skincare products on shelf© Getty
I am scaling back my skincare routine

I have noticed that introducing fewer products into my routine has allowed me to work out what is truly working. Creating a cocktail for your face isn't necessarily the answer to great skin, especially if you are building a routine without the help of a professional dermatologist. 

My top three products

With that said, I bestow upon you my favourite products which have become a non-negotiable part of my morning and evening routines. Let me prove Avon's three product-only rule can really work.


woman awakening, washing and cleaning her face with splashing water© Getty
I love a creamy cleanser

Okay, so I might be cheating here as I have two cleansers in my repertoire but needs must. I opt for a cream cleanser and the W7 'Face Cookie' (£3.75) in the evenings to remove my makeup and follow up with the non-drying 'Cleanse and Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser' (£22.40) from Liz Earle to ensure my skin is (never squeaky) clean.

In the mornings, the Liz Earle alone will suffice.


Woman with nude pink manicure  squeezing cream on hand's skin to moisturize © Getty
I never miss moisturiser

I have super oily skin but I never neglect moisturiser. I love the Cera Ve 'Moisturising Cream' (£17.00) or The Ordinary's 'Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA' (£12.80) as they both adequately hydrate my skin and provide a great base for makeup without leaving me feeling greasy.


Young woman applying sunscreen to her face on the beach in a summer sunset.© Getty
Apply SPF to your face under makeup

I implore you to never skip SPF, even in the winter. While it can be the most expensive part of your routine it is a worthwhile investment that will not only keep your skin looking youthful but, importantly, will protect your skin from damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancer.

I adore La Roche Posay's 'UVMUNE Anthelios Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50' (£20.00).

As well as supplements, Shabir says that a consistent skincare routine using targeted products can help manage menopausal skin too© Shutterstock
A skinimalist routine is becoming more popular

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Twist my arm and allow me to add a couple more products to the routine and I'll reach for an eye cream and a retinoid-based serum. But in all honesty, a simple cleanse, moisturise, and sunscreen routine has got my skin looking clearer than ever.

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