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Keep your hair happy on holiday – style tips that protect, too

August 21, 2009
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Bookings always go up in hairdressing salons after the summer holiday season – the result of women returning from their beach breaks with hair in desperate need of TLC thanks to the effects of sun, sea and swimming pools. 

Hair is vulnerable on hols because of the drying effects of the sun, salt from seawater and chlorine, all of which leach moisture out of the inner structure of the hair. But you can protect your hair on holiday without compromising on style:

  • Wet hair with tap water and cover it with intensive conditioner before going into the sea or swimming pool – so it absorbs less of the water that’s damaging.
  • Sun’s ultraviolet rays also cause colour to fade. Slick hair back with a mixture of hair gel and sunscreen to give it added protection.
  • At night, add a layer of hairspray for a super-sleek, shiny finish - don’t use hairspray during the day as sunlight will ‘bake’ it into hair, which can be drying.
  • Ends of hair in particular are most vulnerable, simply because they’re the oldest so keep them tucked away. Instead of ponytails, wear hair in chignons so the ends can be hidden inside.
  • If you can, wear a hat, a la Britney, but don’t leave hair hanging down outside the hat where it will be exposed.
  • And if you can wear a hat during the day, use the opportunity to style your hair for nighttime by dampening hair, twisting sections around your finger and then gripping each swirl against the head, leaving it to dry under your hat. Alternatively, tie hair into a few loose plaits.
  • In the evening, ungrip the sections, shake through with fingers to create tousled waves and spritz lightly with hairspray for hold.

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