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Five celebrity-inspired tips for growing out short hair

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Michelle Williams recently spoke out about her recent dilemma in growing out her famous pixie crop. "The mid-stage is insufferable," she said. "It's really hard on your self-esteem".Joining Michelle and many other women, it's also been a long road back to regaining lengthy, luscious locks for actresses Anne Hathaway and Chalize Theron who cut their hair in 2012 for film roles. It's the awkward, in-between stage that tests the patience of anyone waiting for their hair to grow out. But those waiting on longer hair needn't worry about how to style their locks. Simply see our top tricks for growing out shorter hair


Keep trimming People who are growing their hair out often stop coming into the salon altogether but even the shortest of hair can be prone to split ends. You'll also feel a lot better about awkward length locks if they're kept in shape with regular salon visits.

So, to stop your hair becomming shapeless why not opt for an edgy alternative to a simple trim like Michelle Williams' recent half-shaven 'do. A cut like this may need to be adjusted more frequently as your hair grows but it will look fresh throughout the growing process.AccessorizeAccessories can ease the process of growing your hair out and short to mid-length locks look cute when teamed with head bands or hair pins. With The Great Gatsby launching its first premiere in Cannes next week, expect glittering headbands and art deco hair slides to become a big feature in this summer's style must-haves.


StyleLike actress Anne Hathaway, don't be afraid to experiment. From keeping her hair lightly ruffled, quiffed or groomed back, Anne knows exactly how to keep her short crop under control. This side-swept 'do which the Les Miserables star wore to the New York premiere of the film was kept close to the actress' face and fixed with a glossy, smooth finish. DyeCharlize Theron cut her hair more than five months ago and she is finally able to run her fingers through it. Transfoming her dusky, brunette buzz cut, the South African actress has since stepped into spring with a light platinum hue to her crop.

Like Charlize, don't worry about re-dying hair at the first sight of roots because, for those with particularly short hair, the colour contrast will simply add depth and volume to your look.


Patience Although the cut was required for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road, the South African beauty initially hid her new look with the help of various hats. After five months her locks have grown out a bit and the actress has been able to play around a bit more with the style. As long as you haven’t shaved your hair right down to the roots there is always something to play around with. Just give your hair time to work it's own magic.

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