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Lauren Conrad shows off bright new hair colour

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Lauren Conrad has changed up her signature caramel-hued locks.

The former Hills star took to Instagram to give fans a glimpse of her new platinum blonde hair with a close-up selfie.

"Things are getting real blonde around here…" she captioned the snap.

The colour change might be in anticipation of her upcoming wedding to William Tell, rumoured to take place in Autumn of this year.

But fans are also wary that the hair style may not be permanent. Lauren is known for playing pranks on her social media followers – back in April, she shared a picture of herself with purple hair before revealing that it had been photoshopped.

Lauren recently opened up about her time on The Hills, revealed that she doesn't always look back on those days with fond fashion memories.

lauren conrad 2

Lauren rarely changes up her signature caramel-hued locks

"The early 2000s were an interesting period for [me and] fashion," she told Elle magazine.

"And as much as I get shivers when I look at photos from that time, I'm comforted by the fact that most people standing around me were doing the same thing.

She added, "It wasn't great, but I wasn't alone. It's just a part of being young that you sort of move together."

Lauren also revealed that she didn’t work with stylists for the show, instead putting outfits together herself.

"There was never any wardrobe involved," she said. "After several season, it was actually starting to get difficult because you didn't want to wear the same outfit over again when you're filming.

"It's funny because I look back at the amount I used to spend on clothes and I can't believe it. I mean, some of the girls I think worked with stylists. If I had an event I would work with one, but for day-to-day shooting, it was all me."

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