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This tennis player chopped off her ponytail mid-match!

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Tennis champion Svetlana Kuznetsova took drastic action when her hair began to bother her during a match against Agnieszka Radwanska on Monday – she chopped off her ponytail on the court! The Russian star made the most of a quick break between sets, asking the umpire for a pair of scissors which she promptly used to cut off her tresses.


The Women's Tennis Association posted a short clip of the quirky moment on Instagram, which Svetlana shared on her own page, quipping in the caption: "Sometimes you gotta do it not by best hairdressers and not at best time."

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Svetlana Kuznetsova cut her hair off mid-match

Svetlana has since revealed the reason behind her impromptu makeover, explaining that she felt her hair was becoming a distraction and hindrance because of the way her long tresses kept hitting her in the face.

"It was bothering me a lot," she admitted during the post-match press conference. "When I was hitting the forehands I hit a good shot and it would hit my eye. I thought, 'What's more important? My hair, which can grow, or the match?'"

svetlana kuznetsova

Svetlana revealed her hair was a distraction during the match

In fact, she was so focused on winning the match she wasn't aware of how many inches she was chopping off. "I don't even know how much I cut there!" she admitted.

Her new 'do proved to be worth it as despite having been losing the Women's Tennis Association match in Singapore, after chopping her hair she eventually went on to defeat reigning champion Agnieszka 7-5 1-6 7-5.

Agnieszka herself didn't notice her opponent's quick fix new 'do, but has revealed she agrees with Svetlana's decision to simply chop off the length of her locks.

"Good thing she didn't cut anything else!" she quipped, before adding: "I think hair is not very important."

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