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Amanda Seyfried reveals her beauty secret for great hair

The Mamma Mia actress is renowned for her gorgeous blonde hair

amanda seyfried hair
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Amanda Seyfried has opened up about her beauty regimine, and has revealed that she avoids drying her hair with a hairdryer to keep her tresses in good condition. The actress is known for always looking picture perfect - whether she's posing on the red carpet or heading to a farmer's market. Her long, blonde hair is the envy of women worldwide and, in an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine, Amanda admitted she keeps her locks healthy by steering clear of electrical hair tools.

"I like having clean skin and taking care of my hair," Amanda said. "My secret is to avoid drying my hair with the hairdryer and also avoiding blow-dries when it's not necessary. In order to feel myself, I need to look the most natural as I can." Amanda's lithe physique is another point of envy for many fans. But it doesn't come easily to the Mamma Mia! actress, who admits she's quite partial to sugary treats: "I force myself to limit sugar, even if I like it a lot," she laughed. "It takes a lot of effort! I have to practise sport a lot because I love cakes."

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amanda seyfried hair tip

Amanda Seyfried revealed how she maintains her gorgeous hair

But over the years, Amanda has become fond of exercising, and now credits it for helping her stay mentally balanced as well as slim and fit. The star tries to do some sort of activity each day to get the endorphins going.

"It's important not only for my physical self but also for my mental self and my emotional self," the 31-year-old Mamma Mia star explained. "I'm healthy, I eat well most of the time, I take care of myself and I drink a lot of water. But I also enjoy myself. Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be painful, it's about finding the right balance, I think."