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How to get a gorgeous trim without going for the chop

ghd brand ambassador Zoe Irwin gives her top tips for next time you visit the hairdressers

hair transformation without cut
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We've all been there, sitting in front of a salon mirror while a scissor happy hairdresser takes way more off than the one inch we expressly asked for. So how do you get a trim without going for the chop? ghd brand ambassador Zoe Irwin has the answers.

hair transformation without cut

Don't get your hair cut at the bottom

"I created a cutting technique, The Model Cut specifically for long-haired models that needed a cut but couldn't lose any length," Zoe said. "I take small sections of dry hair, gently twist them and only snip off the split ends that appear. There is no point just getting the ends of your hair trimmed as that's not where all your split ends are - they travel up the hair so you need to make sure they're cut off at the source. By doing that your hair will sit flatter and look longer."

Find a hairdresser that's sympathetic

"Hair is an emotional thing so you need to find a stylist that understands how important having long hair is to you, and that can take time," Zoe explained. "There's nothing worse than a hairdresser saying they're only going to trim your hair and then they hack off inches; they have instantly lost your trust and it can leave you emotionally scarred. And I hate to say this, as most of my best friends are male hairdressers, but I always recommend choosing a female hair stylist. I really think only a woman can understand how you feel about your hair."

Slowly is best

"If you do need some of the length cut off your hair ask your stylist to take it up in stages so you can see what it looks like along the way," the hair pro advised. "That way you can decide when you want them to stop. This takes longer so when you book the appointment ask for a double appointment, explaining when you book it what you need doing. That way your stylist can take their time rather than feeling like they've got to rush because their next appointment is waiting."

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