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5 ways you're accidentally ruining your hair

Exactly what's stopping you from achieving those hair goals

5 ways you're accidentally ruining your hair

Now we feel that we're pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the causes of hair damage. Endless straightening, bleaching and ruthlessly ripping out those pesky hair bands are bad news for good hair days, as we already know. But then why does hair still feel like straw and why are we struggling with Hermione Granger style frizz on the daily? Maybe it's time to take a closer look at your hair care routine. From using the wrong shampoo to towel drying, there are so many mistakes we had no idea we were making. And let's face it, there's only so much coconut oil can do to rescue hair on the brink.

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Luckily we picked the brains of Moroccanoil's Artist Director and celebrity stylist to curly-haired maven Golden Barbie, Kevin Hughes, for the lowdown on exactly where we are going wrong. Here's how to spot the mistakes before the damage is done.

golden barbie look three© Photo: Instagram

Celebrity stylist Kevin Hughes with Golden Barbie

Damage 1: Not checking the ingredients list

Sulphates are responsible for the lovely soapy lather that you get from your shampoo. However, they can be very bad news for coloured hair and can prematurely speed up the fading process.

golden barbie look one© Photo: Instagram

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"Opt for sulphate-free shampoos and look out for hydrating-boosters like jojoba oil, argan oil and glycerine. These are natural humectants – aka, ingredients that lock moisture into the hair and add shine. And try to avoid products infused with alcohol.  There will always be products like hairspray that will always contain alcohol – otherwise it would never dry in your hair. A hairspray with a lighter hold will be much less drying."

Damage 2: Towel drying your hair

"The more you rough up your hair with a towel, the more frizz you’re going to create. "

Golden Barbie loves to use a cotton T-shirt to dry her hair. For me, it's all about keeping the hair intact and the hair shaft as calm as possible. Towel blot the hair, then use the Moroccanoil Treatment and comb through with a wide toothcomb for less friction. For curly girls, use a curl cream for that extra hold factor. The less friction, the smoother the end result."

golden barbie beauty© Photo: Instagram

Damage 3: Turning up the heat

If you're addicted to your straighteners, you might want to take some notes. According to Kevin, "Most people are guilty of using their straighteners at a dangerously high heat, which can really wreak havoc on the long-term condition of the hair. Anything above 390 degrees can cause irreversible damage, and once the damage is done, the only fix will be a chop." Eek! And there's more bad news if you dye your hair.

"Having your iron turned up too high can actually remove toner on colour-treated hair".

Damage 4: Forgetting the hair dryer attachments

Remember those plastic attachments that you get at the bottom of the hair dryer box? You might want to revisit those. "The attachments are so important because they keep the metal mesh at the end of your hair dryer further away from the hair. So many people are singeing their hair and not even realising it! You'll be directing the airflow through a smaller opening so it will be less damaging and drying for the hair."

golden barbie look four© Photo: Instagram

Beautiful curls! 

Damage 5: Using rubber hair bands

Any hairdresser worth their salt will tell you that elastic rubber bands are enemy number one if you're after glossy locks. "Make sure you always use a hair band that's wrapping in a fabric coating, like a scrunchie. You'll see a huge difference if you're someone who pulls it back into a pony or a bun at night. Or for super staying power, I always use a hair bunjee. As long as both hooks are on the inside of the hair, you should have an amazing hold. Plus it keeps damage to a minimum and it won’t budge all day." Win win.

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