Claudia Winkleman was majorly out of her comfort zone on Strictly launch night - find out why

She looked incredible, as per

Fiona Ward

Strictly Come Dancing is back! And while we're just as excited as the next glitterball-lover about seeing the first routines from the new couples, we couldn't help but eagle-eye all the fashion and beauty looks on Saturday night, too. One person we weren't expecting to do something different was Claudia Winkleman, however, who we can usually rely on to stick to her signature shaggy, lived-in look. On Saturday, she did quite the U-turn with a very chic low-slung bun, Duchess of Sussex-style - we like, a lot!


Loving the updo, Claudia!

We can't help but wonder how our beloved Claudia felt on the night, however, since in a recent interview she admitted her signature hairstyle and makeup look often feels like her armour. "I think if I'm honest, it's sort of a safety blanket," she told journalist Sali Hughes for her In The Bathroom series. "I never get 'zhuzhed' but I have to for tele. If I have all this going on [gestures to her loose, shaggy hair] then I feel like myself."

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She added: "If they said, sorry can we get rid of your fringe, put you in a bun and maybe a gloss – I can't tell you how much I hate gloss." So, Claudia's mega-chic updo was definitely a step out of her comfort zone - but her go-to shaggy fringe was still in place to help her feel like herself.


Mamma Mia! Here we go again. 735 on BBC1.

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The host also opted for a red lip for the launch show, which is another big departure from her favoured pale nude shade – but she has said previously that she does enjoy changing it up from time to time. "I did a red lip… that was thrilling! I loved it," she told Sali, adding that her favourite is MAC's Lady Danger. We're with you there, Claudia.

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The star has previously told HELLO! about how important her hair is to her personal identity. "If I could grow my fringe down to my shoulders to cover my entire face and occasionally peer out to answer questions I would. It's my beauty security blanket," she said.

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