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The internet is freaking out, because… Kit Harington shaved his beard off

Say it isn't so, Jon Snow

The internet is freaking out, because… Kit Harington shaved his beard off

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington has shocked the show's fans by appearing completely beardless for his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live. Uh oh. Who is Jon Snow without his rugged beard, we hear you ask! Kit quickly addressed his clean-shaven look in his monologue, saying, "I've just shaved my beard so this is kind of a more pre-pubescent Jon Snow… this is Jon Snow if he suddenly played for the Yankees. I have no idea what that means, the writers told me to say it!"

kit harington clean shaven

Leaving the SNL afterparty with wife Rose

Fans were quick to post their reactions to Kit's new look on social media, with one writing: "Thoughts on Kit Harington’s no beard debut on #SNL? Okay, I'll start: no." Ouch. Another added: "I'm suing SNL for having Kit Harington shave his beard. This is an utter travesty." It was later revealed that the actor had shaved his beloved beard for the show's sketches.

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Hilariously, even Kit's wife Rose Leslie had something to say about his baby face. During his monologue, which sees him chat about his career while trying to shield questions about the upcoming GOT finale (with appearances from Emilia Clarke and John Bradley, no less), she stands up to chip in, too. "One more question, how soon can you er, grow back that beard?" she says. Well, we were all thinking it…

rose leslie

Rose wasn't sure about the new look either...

Perhaps the show's fandom should have been a little more prepared, since Kit actually rocked a clean-shaven look as recently as October 2018, when he appeared in a charity theatre performance to celebrate what would have been Harold Pinter's 88th birthday. He also went fresh-faced in 2016 for his turn in play Doctor Faustus. He has previously told Digital Spy about the hysteria surrounding his facial hair: "I'm amazed that it makes the news… Hair grows back and actors have to change their look all of the time. I find it constantly entertaining."

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