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Thinking of going blonde? You need to read these expert tips first

There are so many different types of blonde, but do you have the right one for you?

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Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
September 15, 2019
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Thinking of going lighter for Autumn? HELLO! spoke to Charles Worthington's Head of Colour and Master Stylist, Katie Hale to find out all the answers for the most-asked questions. Whether you're a brunette thinking of going blonde or you're a redhead who wants to go lighter, or maybe you're just wondering why you really need a toner, this is everything you need to know about being blonde… 

I’m brunette - can I really go blonde?

"Yes, but depending on the history of colouring your hair you will need to understand that it will not be an overnight process - be patient with it. There are various types of 'blonde' that certain suit skin tones. If your hair is naturally brunette, mainly honey and caramel blondes will look good, so make sure the right tone is chosen depending on your skin tone."


I have red hair - is strawberry blonde the best I can do? 

"At the start of your journey, yes. Red is the hardest colour pigment to remove so be patient and be prepared to start a colour journey. It’s not impossible to get from red to blonde but it certainly takes a colour expert to get you there."

I’m a busy mum and I don’t have much time - can I still go blonde?

At Charles Worthington we have a 'blonde menu' which shows the different techniques to get you blonde. In terms of maintenance, stay away from block blondes, and blondes that are contrasting to your natural colour. Opt for 'llumi lights', which are flashes of blonde around the hairline to give you that blonde glow, or 'baby lights' which give micro fine highlights that grow out naturally with a slightly deeper root so will give a blonde balayage effect." 

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Store-brought hair dye - yay or nay? 

"Nay! Your hair is the crown that you wear every day! I have corrected so many at-home DIY jobs! You will end up spending more money getting it fixed if it was to go wrong. Leave it to a professional."

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I have blonde highlights but want to go peroxide all over. Will I ruin my hair? 

"If you can commit to the maintenance, and use the right aftercare that your hairdresser recommends, it can be one of the most beautiful colours - but it’s not one to be lazy with! Keep it maintained every six weeks and use at-home treatments. Also, there are many strengthening treatments that you can have during the colour application like L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond. See a blonde expert, too!" 

Do I really need a toner?

"If you have been on holiday, yes, as brassy tones appear when your hair has been in contact with seawater and UV rays. If you like ashy silvery tones, yes. If you want to keep up a rose gold, pink, lilac hue etc. then yes. Otherwise, you can keep your hair colour maintained at home using the right aftercare, like silver shampoos or colour corrector conditioners."

I’m going grey - should I lighten my hair to make it less visible? 

The contrast between grey and dark is always going to be more obvious, so I do encourage my clients to go lighter when they start noticing more grey hairs. You don’t need to go blonde-blonde, but a lighter brown - or micro-fine highlights - added around the hairline will stop the greys from appearing faster." 


What’s the ideal amount of time between appointments if you're blonde? 

"Depending on what your hair colour is, I’d advise blonde clients eight weeks on average. Brunette clients between six and seven weeks, and if you're covering white hairs I’d advise a hairline top up in-between appointments. Colours such as coppers and reds need to be maintained more so I advice five and six weeks." 

The The Blonde Menu it's available in all three London based salons, the original airy Percy Street, Fitzrovia, the glam house of Charles Worthington in Covent Garden and the slick Broadgate Club in the city.