How to cut men’s hair from home: Expert tips and tools for beginners

No barber; no problem! Here's some top advice on men's trims and haircuts

Abigail Malbon

Coronavirus lockdown comes with many issues, but an immediately pressing one for a lot of people is when to get their hair cut. Of course, in the grand scheme of things this is a minor problem, but not being able to trim hair can be stressful – particularly if you're a man whose hair or beard is close to becoming unmanageable. With hairdressers set to reopen in July, it seems that, at least for now, many of us will have to continue reaching for the clippers in a bid to trim our own hair. Of course, it's important to get this right – so we're giving you a list of tools you'll need and we also spoke to the experts from Live True London, who shared their tips for how to cut men's hair if you're doing it by yourself.

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How to use clippers for your at-home trim

"Cutting men’s hair will always be easier with clippers – a scissor over-comb style cut on oneself is rather tricky!" they said.

"Make sure that the guard is locked safely onto the machine. If the guard falls off, this could cause a disaster with all of the hair being shaved off. Use the longer guard first and work on the sides, repeat the same movement with shorter guards and stopping roughly 1 cm lower each time.

"Repeat the same at the back while holding a mirror, being careful as the reflection means you’ll have to work backwards. When this is done you can cut the tips on the top and connect with the sides and back. You are now ready to style."


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Using scissors for your haircut? Here's what to do

Of course, it gets easier if you have someone to assist. If you’ve been tasked with cutting your partner or child’s hair, you’re probably feeling the pressure. It’s easiest to buy a pair of clippers and go for the same length all over, but if they’re planning to maintain a style with longer length on top, the scissors above will do the trick.

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Hairdressing scissors

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"As a rule for all cuts, kitchen scissors are usually too big for haircuts," say Live True London. "We recommend that you use the thinnest scissor you can find so that you can always control the amount of hair being cut."

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Hair thinning scissors

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Pro barber tip: Don't forget those finishing touches!

When chopping longer bits of hair, use the end of the scissors to add texture. Be sure to cut in small, 1cm-2cm chunks, and check regularly from all angles.

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The hair around the ears is important; brush it through (with a wet comb) over the ears, and then trim into place. Getting this neat will help improve the quality of the overall cut.

Most importantly, don’t cut too much in one go - you can always go back and make adjustments if you start small. Good luck!

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