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DIY haircut top tips: Experts reveal what you should never do

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Abigail Malbon
Abigail MalbonLifestyle Writer
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The feeling of a fresh, bouncy haircut is a distant memory thanks to the coronavirus pandemic causing hair salons to close months ago. Even those of us who have managed to squeeze in a much-needed trim in between national lockdowns are struggling with limp locks and split ends.

With a lack of professionals at hand to fix our increasingly long locks and misshapen fringes, desperate times call for desperate measures and many Brits are taking matters into their own hands.

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If you're thinking of copying the likes of Andrea McLean and Alex Jones and attempting a DIY haircut, we suggest taking a look at these top tips from experts at Live True London.

"Cutting your hair is not easy and we would always recommend that you leave it to the professionals and wait until the salons are once again opened," they told HELLO!. "If, however, you simply cannot wait, here are our top tips:

hair scissors

Hairdressing scissors, £19.99, Amazon


How to cut women’s hair

The most important part to get right is sectioning! You cannot just cut the hair as a block. After your hair is washed and towel-dried, section your hair first from the front and the back and then split your back sections into two new sections - the split needs to be from ear to ear. As the sections are created, less hair is involved, making easier to manage. 

hair clips

Hair sectioning clips, £6.28, Amazon


Make sure that you cut in clean lines and that you cut the same amount on each section. For a trim (this should keep you until the salons reopen) we recommend cutting 1cm to 2cm. This will ensure that split ends are removed and that your hair will look cleaner and fresh.

hair thinning

Professional hair thinning tool, £12.99, Amazon

hair ghd

ghd Glide hot brush, £139, ghd


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Repeat the same section by section until you reach the top of the head. You then need to section the front into two new sections each and cut it one by one. Make sure that you again cut the same amount as you did at the back.

cut fringe

How to cut your own fringe

Make sure that you blow dry it first in the way you wish it to go. Cut your fringe only on dry hair as otherwise it will bounce back and it will look shorter than you intended. For a fringe, cut only half a centimetre at the time so that you have control over the length. If you have a sweeping fringe, avoid blunt cutting and only cut with the tip of the scissors. 

When the cut is finished, style your hair fully and do a final check to see if the hair is all connected fully. If not, make the adjustment needed.


Heat-resistant hairdressing comb, £5.99, Amazon


How to cut men’s hair

Cutting men’s hair will always be easier with clippers – a scissor over-comb style cut on oneself is rather tricky! 

hairdressing set

Remington men's hair clippers set, £24.99, Argos


Make sure that the guard is locked safely onto the machine. If the guard falls off, this could cause a disaster with all of the hair being shaved off. Use the longer guard first and work on the sides, repeat the same movement with shorter guards and stopping roughly 1cm lower each time. Repeat the same at the back while holding a mirror, being careful as the reflection means you’ll have to work backwards. When this is done you can cut the tips on the top and connect with the sides and back. You are now ready to style.


Hairdressing mirror, £11.99, Amazon


As a rule for all cuts, kitchen scissors are usually too big for haircuts. We recommend that you use the thinnest scissor you can find so that you can always control the amount of hair being cut.

hair bag

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After more haircutting tips? HELLO! previously spoke to celebrity stylist Daniel Galvin Jr M.B.E. and Kate Middleton's go-to hairdresser, Richard Ward

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