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How to style men's hair: Top tips from Jamie Redknapp & Freddie Flintoff's celebrity hairdresser

12 tips for men's hair from celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Andrew, whose clients also include Isaac Carew

mens haircut tips from celebrity hairstylist jonathan andrew
Lauren Cunningham
Lauren CunninghamFreelance Writer
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Even if you haven't heard of celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Andrew, you definitely will know the famous heads he's worked on over the past couple of years. With regular clients such as Jamie Redknapp, Mason Mount, Freddie Flintoff, Wayne Bridge and Isaac Carew, to name just a few, he's the only man trusted to keep these men looking dapper and ready for action.

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After starting out touring with Union J for two years – giving them their coveted boyband trims – Jonathan now works on some of the nations biggest TV shows, including Top Gear and A League of Their Own. And if that wasn't enough, his star-studded client list definitely makes him the guru of fresh trims and classic cuts.

Freddie Flintoff, Jonathan Andrew, Romesh Ranganathan, Jamie Redknapp and Patrice Evra

Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Andrew, second from left, with Freddie Flintoff, Romesh Ranganathan, Jamie Redknapp and Patrice Evra

So, getting him to share the tips and tricks with us here at HELLO! that he shares with some of the UK's most famous celebrities was pretty exciting.


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And of course, we're sharing them with you, so we can all get red carpet-worthy hair at home.

And – spoiler alert – you've probably been using your wax wrong for years...

1. It's not all about wax

"There's more to men's hair than gel and wax. Products like sea salt spray act as a great base on wet hair and will help your hair hold and stay in shape longer."

Fudge Professional Styling Salt Spray Mens haircuts

    Fudge Professional Styling Salt Spray, £14, LookFantastic


2. Get a regular trim

"Depending on the length of your hair, even if it's long, a good trim is going to keep it healthy and in shape. For long hair, you're looking at every so 6-8 weeks. For short hair, at least once a month. Some of my clients come every ten days!"

Tweezerman Deluxe Hair Cutting Shears Men haircuts

    Tweezerman Deluxe Hair Cutting Shears, £25, Boots


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3. Go big when you blowdry

"When you are blowdrying your hair to style it, so many guys try to get it immediately to the style they've got in their head, which doesn't work. It will end up being too flat. When blowdrying your hair, always try to make it as big as possible, and then you can finish it with products to get it in to shape."

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Mens haircuts

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, £299.99, Argos


4. It all starts with a clean scalp

"A clean scalp is more important than having clean hair. A lot of guys think that if they wash their hair every day they're damaging it, but it's actually the build-up on your scalp that's probably damaging your hair. One of the problems of scalp build-up from product is that it thins the hair.

"All those clays and waxes sit on the scalp, solidify, which can actually constrict the hair follicles, so it's really important to make sure that's cleaned off properly. Men with short hair struggle with this more as the product gets much closer to the scalp than people with longer hair.

Fudge Professional Clean Mint Deep Cleaning Shampoo Mens haircuts

Fudge Professional Clean Mint Deep Cleaning Shampoo, Was £14, now £11.15, Beauty Bay


"This mint shampoo is a purifying shampoo, it's designed to cleanse the hair and purify the scalp at the same time. It gets rid of flakes, wax residue and things like that."

5. Less is more when it comes to product

"Nine times out of 10 from my personal experience, I find that men don't fully understand how to use products properly. They either spray it over the top of the head or just put all of their gel and wax through the front. By the time they've got enough on to keep their hair controlled, it just ends up being greasy.

"What guys need to do is take a product to the back of the head, right by the crown. Use a little bit less than you think you need, put it in the middle of your hand and rub it in until it vanishes. Then start at the back around the crown and massage your scalp with the product. It puts the product inside rather than on the surface, and then you can style it however you want, and you stop it being greasy."

Kevin Murphy Free Hold Mens haircuts

    Kevin Murphy Free Hold, £25, Cult Beauty


"To keep it clean, use a comb to style, or for a messy look, just rough it up with your fingers. You'll use less, your hair will stay longer, and it will look more matte than you've ever been able to get it."

6. Use your hands

"If you're struggling to get texture in a groomed swept-back look, or a quiff, the easiest thing to do is use your hand like a claw. Spray hairspray in between your fingers, rake your hands through your hair and separate it in between your fingers. You're left with great textured hair super quickly."

Ouai Texturising Hair Spray Mens haircuts

   Ouai Texturising Hair Spray, £10, Cult Beauty


7. Curly hair tips for men, from diffusers to products

"Guys with curly hair is a big trend – just look at Tom Holland and Timothee Chalamet – we're seeing so many people growing out their hair and pushing boundaries. I have a tip for this.

"Using a diffuser and nourishing products helps, but my biggest tip for curly hair that will actually make it last is to leave it a bit damp. Curly hair struggles more than other hair types.

"When your hair grows, your product naturally produces oil that is designed to condition the hair. If you colour your hair, your hair becomes damaged, so the oil doesn't stick. Curly hair is that same - it's more dry.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer mens haircuts

    Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer, £23.50, Space NK


"So if you dry your hair too much, and take all of the excess moisture out of it, it's like running a marathon without any water. If I offered you a glass of water at the end, you wouldn't sip it. So when curly hair is fully dried and then goes into humid conditions, it soaks up that moisture and gets frizzy."

8. Accentuate those features

"If you want to define features of your hair, a wavy quiff or pushed back look, a great way to do this is to hold the hair in your fingers and dry it gently with a diffuser. You hold your hair where you want it to be and set it.

"You can spray hairspray into the diffuser so it dries in the hairdryer and just the hold will stick to your hair, stopping any crispiness.

Hairizone Universal Diffuser for Hair Dryers Mens haircuts

    Hairizone Universal Diffuser for Hair Dryers, £25, Amazon


"If you use a regular nozzle only do it for something super sleek, the diffuser spreads the air so it's softer."

9. Worried about thin hair? This is the best product for you

"For those with thinner hair, or men worrying about hair loss, try the Fudge Professional XXL hair thickener when your hair is wet. When you blowdry your hair, the heat actives a polymer in the product that swells and thickens your hair by 100%. As far as I'm aware, there's no other product like this."

Fudge Professional Styling XXL Hair Thickener Cream Mens haircuts

    Fudge Professional Styling XXL Hair Thickener Cream, £15, LookFantastic


10. The easiest men's hair trick - hairspray!

"If blowdrying is not in your skillset, then my ultimate top tip is the no heat blow dry. Go through your normal shampoo and conditioner routine, then comb your hair into the shape that you want, so that it looks how you want it to end up.

"Once combed into shape, spray hairspray into it and then leave to air dry. Then gently brush it out. It will brush out the hairspray and leave your hair in the exact way you wanted it."

TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray Men haircuts

    TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray, £3.99, Boots


11. Skull shape, lips, cheekbones and facial features all play a part in the perfect haircut

"Before gaining my big-name clients I saw a gap in the market for a tailor-made bespoke approach to men's hair cuts. Skull shape, lips, cheekbones and facial features all have to be considered when getting the perfect haircut. Just like a perfectly tailored suit works with your body dimensions, your hair should do the same with your face."

"Don't get a haircut for a trend, take inspiration for a haircut from a trend. So many people are fascinated with having the big trend haircut, but with different hairstyles and face shapes, it just doesn't happen. Work with your hairdresser or barber to find a way that trend will work for you."

Wahl Hair Clippers for Men haircuts

    Wahl Hair Clippers for Men, £74.99, Amazon


12. Don't underestimate the need to have a good kit

"Having a nice collection of brushes is a great way to add a bit of assortment and get the styles you want."

Cricket RPM 12 brush Mens haircuts

Cricket RPM 12, £6.50, FeelUnique


Men's hair tips: More must-haves

We've already covered the hairdryer, diffuser and trimmer, but these are Jonathan's extra must-haves:

A great vent brush for blowdrying your hair into shape

Denman Vent Brush Mens haircuts

    Denman Vent Brush, £8, Boots


A fine-tooth comb for partings and precision

Kent Pocket Comb FOT Mens haircuts

Kent Pocket Comb FOT, £4, Boots


 A wide-tooth comb for texture

Ghd Detangling Comb, £8.50 Mens haircuts

Ghd Detangling Comb, £8.50, LookFantastic



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