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9 best beard grooming kits to keep his facial hair looking sharp - plus expert beard care advice

Expert beard grooming advice plus our fave grooming product sets and beard trimmer kits of 2024

best beard grooming care kits
Karen Silas
Karen SilasSenior Lifestyle Editor
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Beard grooming kits have become increasingly popular these days, making it easy for men to maintain their beards or moustaches without a trip to the barbershop - and they're also a thoughtful, foolproof gift for the bearded guy in your life.

When it comes to shopping for a beard kit, you may be looking for just the basics, or you could be searching for a complete beard set with all the tools and grooming products he could ever dream of. There are soooo many options, so I've been looking at the best beard kits out there and consulting with beard grooming experts to create this list of the best.

Best beard care grooming kits at a glance

If you're ready to shape up your beard (or help your fave bearded person level up their facial hair), you'll want to keep reading to discover the best kits to shop and get some expert advice on the best beard maintenance.

How often should you groom your beard at home?

“Daily beard grooming routine is key to having your beard in tip-top condition,” says Barber and Brand Educator Antonio Willis II of Beard Guyz. “Being consistent can have you looking and feeling your best. I recommend forming a routine and setting aside time to moisturise and hydrate your beard. For example, I created a schedule where I focus on my beard every time I brush my teeth in the morning and night.”

Celebrity hairstylist and groomer Michael Dueñas, whose clients have included Dermot Mulroney, Riz Ahmed, Machine Gun Kelly and Rob Lowe, also recommends taking care of your beard regularly. “Grooming your beard with oils and butters should be a daily ritual. The more often you add oils, the softer and more manageable your beard will be. Trimming your beard and shaping with shears or clippers should be twice a week if you want to look the same every day, with no flyaways, and a perfect shape.”

What should a good beard grooming kit contain?

According to beard expert Antonio, “When it comes to elevating your beard game, look no further than a well-rounded grooming kit. Think beard oils for that daily dose of hydration, beard balms for shaping your masterpiece, and beard butter to maintain that suave look all day long. A coarse brush is also a plus for shaping and taming your beard while removing any shed hair.” 

If you want to be sure you're choosing a beard care kit that will do the trick - or, if you're giving a beard care set as a gift, one that he'll love - we've found that the most popular sets with HELLO! shoppers contain at least three of the following:

  • Beard oil to moisturise
  • Beard balm for control
  • Shampoo for cleansing
  • Beard conditioner to nourish and keep his beard soft and healthy-looking
  • A beard brush to groom and distribute the beard’s natural oils
  • A beard comb for detangling and styling
  • Scissors for maintenance
  • A beard trimmer to keep his beard neat
  • A beard how-to guide outlining the best way to care for facial hair

If you are very low maintenance with your beard, don't worry - it doesn't necessarily take a lot to keep it looking healthy and moisturised. According to all the experts (and regular bearded guys) we've consulted, if there's one basic product you need in your beard care routine, it's beard oil. “You must have a beard oil in your beard arsenal,” notes Antonio Willis II. “Not only does it quench your beard's thirst, but it also paves the way for essential vitamins to marinate in your beard and have your beard soft and shiny.”

“Beard oil is an absolute,” advises celebrity groomer Michael. “It helps soften hair, add sheen and makes it feel less coarse. It also helps moisturize the skin under the beard to prevent flaking.” 

And what sorts of ingredients should look for? "Jojoba oil is one of the best oils you can have in beard care products. It softens the beard hair and adds sheen… moisturizes skin and does not leave a greasy residue whatsoever. I prefer natural based ingredients as you don't need to worry as much for reactions to the skin; preferably do not do essential oils as those can dry your skin out.”

How we chose the best beard grooming kits

Whether you're looking for just the basics or a more comprehensive grooming set, we've put together an edit of the best beard kits you can buy. You'll find an array of options from Amazon bargains to upmarket beard care kits from various retailers and at different price points.

  • Quality: While we (or our bearded editors, friends or family members) haven't been able to try every beard kits, we have scoured hundreds of reviews to determine which beard kits shoppers love.
  • Accessories: If a beard kit includes not just products but additional handy accessories, like a beard brush or comb, or carrying case, it's more likely to have earned a place on our list of favourites.
  • Style: Yes, we admit that aesthetics count too! So while some of these kits are purely utilitarian, we can't resist kits that are stylish, too, so perfect for gifting - especially trending vintage looks or luxe packaging that looks great on a bathroom shelf.
  • Retailer: As with all of our shopping features, HELLO! editors only include brands that we trust.
  • Expert advice: We consulted with grooming experts and the bearded people in our lives for the best recommendations for beard care and the best products you'll need.

Shop the best men's beard grooming kits 

  1. 1/9

    Murdock London Redchurch Street Set

    best beard grooming kit murdock london

    Murdock London beard grooming kit

    What’s included

    • Beard Shampoo 250ml
    • Beard Moisturiser 150ml
    • Beard Oil 50ml
    • Beard Brush

    Editor's note

    “Murdock London is a top-seller when it comes to men's grooming, and you can't go wrong with the brand's beard kits. The Redchurch Street set - as recommended by grooming expert Michael Dueñas - includes the best-selling all-in-one moisturiser designed to gently hydrate the beard as well as the skin underneath.”

    Inspired by Redchurch Street in London’s Shoreditch district (‘The birthplace of the strong beard’), this gentle beard care kit includes four barber’s essentials to keep his facial hair cleansed, hydrated and conditioned at home. 

    • Paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free
    • Made in the UK
  2. 2/9

    Fulllight Tech beard kit

    amazon beard kits fullight grooming set

    Amazon beard kit

    What’s included

    • 60ml beard shampoo/wash
    • 40g beard balm
    • Beard oil
    • Beard comb
    • Beard brush
    • Beard scissors
    • Beard Shaper/Template
    • Storage bag
    • Beard care Ebook

    Editor's note

    "The feedback from HELLO! staff on this kit is that it's 'great'. 'Regular beard maintenance is key to a good healthy beard – that's good thorough combing to bring out the uneven lengths for trimming, followed by frequent brushing for a neat-looking bushel. And don't be afraid of the beard oils! Using these just adds to your beard's overall look, healthiness, and longevity.'"

    Everything he’ll need to keep his beard trimmed, shaped and healthy, with products enriched with argan oil, Vitamin E and jojoba oil. If you're looking for a good kit for a smaller budget, this beard grooming kit, containing everything from beard balm to a boar’s hair brush and scissors, is one of the best values for money out there - no wonder there were more than 10,000 sold on Amazon in November 2023.

  3. 3/9

    Percy Nobleman Beard Survival Kit

    Percy Nobleman Beard Survival Kit

    Percy Nobleman beard care kit

    What’s included

    • Beard Conditioning Oil 10ml 
    • Moustache Wax 5ml 
    • Beard Balm 20ml 
    • Beard Softener 50ml

    Editor's note

    Made in England, the Percy Nobleman beard care set is the ultimate kit for the gentleman on the go. The four-piece travel-size set, though, isn’t suitable for vegans - the moustache wax contains beeswax.

    In addition to a moustache wax for styling, the Percy Nobleman Beard Survival kit features beard oil with the signature musky scent of tobacco, amber and vanilla; a deep conditioner with burdock root, willow bark actives and caffeine; and a balm, made from beeswax, shea butter and essential oils.

    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Travel sizes
    • Made in UK
  4. 4/9

    MANSCAPED The Beard Hedger Advanced Kit

    manscaped beard grooming kit with trimmer

    Manscaped Beard Grooming Kit

    What's included

    • Beard shampoo
    • Beard conditioner
    • Beard oil
    • Beard comb
    • Beard Hedger cordless clippers

    Editor's note

    Celebrity Groomer Michael Dueñas gives the thumbs up to the The Beard Hedger Pro Kit ($149.99 / £160), and if you're looking for a lower price point, the Advanced Kit, which also comes with Manscaped's famed precision beard groomer, will also do the trick. 

    "The cordless beard trimmer has an intuitive zoom wheel with 20 different lengths built in, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of a million attachments.”

    A premium beard kit that covers all the bases, with a hydrating shampoo, softening conditioner, moisturising beard oil, facial hair comb and last, but certainly not least, a waterproof cordless trimmer for precision grooming, from the thickest of beards to stubble.

  5. 5/9

    Every Man Jack Small Batch Beard Kit - Hinoki Spice

    every man jack beard kit

    Every Man Jack beard kit

    What's included

    • Beard Face Wash
    • Beard butter
    • Beard oil

    Editor’s note

    "If you’re a clean beauty fan, you’ll want to check out this kit recommended by Celebrity Groomer Michael Dueñas. Cruelty-free and packaged using recycled materials, the set from sustainable, outdoor-inspired brand Every Man Jack is carefully crafted with nourishing jojoba, squalane and avocado oils for the ultimate clean beard grooming experience. 

    While the full kit isn’t available in the UK, British shoppers can shop Every Man Jack beard products and more at iHerb."

    A trio of clean products with notes of cypress, black pepper, and orange - the Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash for cleansing, Beard Oil for moisturizing, and Beard Butter to soften and style - for an easy three-step daily beard routine. 

  6. 6/9

    Beard Guyz Adventurous Set

    beard guyz adventurous set

    Beard Guyz beard kit

    What's included

    • Beard 2-in-1 Wash & Tame 
    • Beard Balm 
    • Beard Oil 
    • Beard Butter 
    • Natural Boar Bristle Brush 

    Editor's Note

    “Our tester loved this affordable, expert-approved beard care gift set recommended by professional barber and Beard Guyz Brand Educator Antonio Willis II – he especially had rave reviews for the nourishing beard oil (that’s included."

    A comprehensive beard care kit for cleansing, conditioning and styling, the budget-friendly Beard Guyz Adventurous Set, which is worth an impressive $40, comes with four products and a beard brush. Ingredients include shea butter, avocado oil and Vitamin E.

    In the UK? You can also shop Beard Guyz on Amazon.

  7. 7/9

    Shea Moisture Beard Care Kit For Men

    shea moisture beard kit for men

    Shea Moisture beard grooming kit

    What's included

    • Beard wash
    • Beard balm
    • Full beard detangler
    • Beard conditioning oil

    Editor's note

    “We love this facial hair care set that’s designed to be perfect for Black men with beards, and we’re not alone. Thousands a month are sold on Amazon, and this quality set makes an excellent gift.”

    Formulated specifically for men of colour and those with textured, coarse or curly beards, Shea Moisture’s popular beard care set, which has a 4.7-star average, includes four products all made from nourishing shea butter and Maracuja Oil.

    • Certified natural ingredients
    • For all hair types and skin sensitivities
    • Sulfate, paraben and cruelty free
  8. 8/9

    King C. Gillette Beard Essentials Kit

    king c gillette beard kit

    Gillette beard kit

    What's included

    • Beard & Face Wash
    • Soft Beard Balm
    • Beard Oil

    Editor's note

    "Gillette is a go-to for the grandpas, millennials and Gen-Z elders in my family. The 120-year-old razor brand brings its icon status into the 21st century with King C Gillette's special products for beards and moustaches - gentle formulas made from essential oils and butters."

    The King C. Gillette Beard Essentials kit, which includes the brand’s signature products, rich in nourishing ingredients like argan oil, avocado oil and shea butter.

  9. 9/9

    Viking Revolution Ultimate Beard Care Kit - Sandalwood

    best beard grooming kit viking revolution.

    Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit

    What's included

    • Wooden Boar’s Hair Beard Brush
    • Double Sided Pocket Beard Comb
    • Sandalwood Beard Oil
    • Sandalwood Scent Beard Styling Balm
    • Beard Scissors
    • Metal storage tin

    Editor's note

    "There are so many beard kits that look similar on Amazon, but over 8,000 Amazon shoppers have snapped up this kit in the past month and it has retained a very high 4.7-star rating from verified shoppers - a sign it's a winner."

    A five-piece beard care set, which includes three grooming tools, is designed to be a perfect gift, packaged in a vintage-inspired metal box. Verified Amazon shoppers have been impressed with the quality at such an affordable price.

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