Emmerdale's Laura Norton reveals the surprising secret to her incredible three stone weight loss

The talented actress has been on an impressive weight loss journey over the past few years

Emmerdale star Laura Norton has revealed the secret behind her three stone weight loss over the past few years, and it involves one simple thing! The talented actress, 35, admitted that she had been addicted to fizzy drinks for over ten years, but after giving them up she saw the pounds starting to shed. "I had been addicted since I was a teenager. At its worse I used to drink two 2-litre bottles of Coke a day. I know now how much sugar is in it," she told The Mirror. Laura went on to say that it had been her dad that had pointed out her addiction, which saw her consume an additional 1,700 calories a day – just 300 calories less than the recommended daily intake for a woman.

Emmerdale star Laura Norton has lost three stone over the past few years

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The actress – who has been playing Kerry Wyatt in the ITV soap since 2012 – also said that having to dress in her character's revealing outfits also helped motivate her to lose weight. "It was about three years ago when I started to lose weight. I was in skimpy outfits all the time on telly, and the camera also adds weight to you, so I thought I'd do something. I started to do a bit of exercise, which I hadn’t done for years," she said. "You get a bit older and weight is harder to lose. Then I cut the Coca-Cola out and started to notice the difference and then just decided to keep it up."

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It's been an exciting few years for Laura, who found love with her Emmerdale cast mate Mark Jordon in 2016. Laura revealed that working with Mark – who plays Kerry's brother-in-law Daz Spencer in the soap – is "really lush, really easy," and that she likes the fact that they are playing characters in the same family, meaning that they get to travel to work together sometimes. "I am really lucky, he's my best mate," she added.