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Davina McCall just spoke out for every woman with grey hair they're trying to cover

Quite right, Davina!

Fiona Ward
Acting Fashion and Beauty Editor
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Davina McCall recently posted a candid snap of herself colouring her hair at home – like many women do – but was surprised to receive criticism from followers who felt she was putting professional hairdressers out of business. Standing up for herself, she shared a defiant video post on her Instagram, saying: "Hi. I'm posting this because after last night's post of me colouring my hair at home, I seem to have annoyed a lot of hairdressers saying that I'm putting hairdressers out of business… But I tell you what, I am single-handedly keeping the hairdressing industry alive with my two daughters, who seem to spend their entire lives at the hairdressers – and my son who goes to the barbers. So I'm not gonna feel bad about colouring my hair at home every three weeks because I can't be bothered to go to the hairdressers every three weeks – that's a lot!"

davina home hair dye

Instagram: @davinamccall

She hilariously went on to add: "And, I'm gonna post pictures of chicken, because yes, I eat chicken! And, I'm gonna post pictures of myself in bikinis, because I look fierce in a bikini! And I don't care what you think ever, and in fact the more you don't like it, the more I'm going to do it." That's that then!  

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Davina was met with plenty of support from her followers, including star hairdresser Sam McKnight, who famously did Princess Diana's hair. "There she is!!!!" he simply wrote. Emma Willis added: "I [explicit] love you Davina," while Dawn O'Porter commented: "LOVE THIS."

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Her fans were quick to agree with her too, with one writing: "Love love love. I have short hair, I have my hair cut every 6 weeks as it grows so fast and my hair is very thick. But I colour it every six weeks - I do it myself." Another added: "Well said! I have to dye hair every 3 weeks too (too many greys), and I do it at home. If I Iooked like you in a bikini I’d post pics of me in it too. Keep on doing what you are doing."

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Davina's original post read: "Just a normal Sunday night... I do this every three weeks.... really cannot spend hours at the hairdressers... so easy and quick to do at home... no one ever believes us ! But it’s true! Thank you @garnieruk for Nutrisse - no more greys."