Dianne Buswell reveals past struggles with her body image

The Strictly star talks all things body confidence…

Since starring on Strictly Come Dancing and dating YouTube sensation Joe Sugg, Dianne Buswell has been propelled into the spotlight. She appears confident, bubbly and engaging in interviews, on television and throughout social media. So, with her positive outlook and happy disposition, it is difficult to believe there was a time that the professional dancer struggled with her body image, but the 30-year-old has now spoken to HELLO! about her past struggles with confidence in her appearance.

The professional dancer admitted that as a performer, it was not unusual to have insecurities: "100% growing up, you have those issues, especially as a dancer – you are thrown into that a lot more" adding, "I think as a dancer you are always wanting to look your best, like in an outfit, you want an outfit to look the best it can on you, meaning weight is a huge one for a lot of dancers…you are always wanting to look better, look thinner".

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The Australian revealed: "as you grow up and you get older, you realise that you just have to be comfortable in your own skin, in your own body and actually that looks more beautiful than being a size four. You can be whatever size and still look beautiful if you are radiating from the inside out, then people are going to think 'oh she looks gorgeous'."

Dianne Buswell loves to be a role model for younger girls

Having grown up with a lack of self-confidence and with an awareness of the damaging impact of socially constructed beauty ideals, Dianne now makes a conscious effort to show her imperfections online. For the professional dancer, "being a role model to younger girls, I think is extremely important", with the Strictly star admitting "when I was growing up, I kind of wish at those times I had a role model to look up to."

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Dianne has therefore taken the decision to be honest and open on her social media channels: "I try and keep my pictures as natural as possible and try not to use too many filters, because now, it is such a world of making everything look so perfect, that in fact, it is the imperfections in people that are really unique and special. So, I try and get that across to people"

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