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Follow Victoria Beckham's lead and find out how crystals can boost your wellbeing

Everything you need to know about crystals… 

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Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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After Victoria Beckham recently took to Instagram to reveal her passion for crystals, we've been curious to know why everyone is so obsessed with crystal energy right now. The former Spice Girl has them dotted around her house, she always travels with them, she added a few symbolic stones to her fall collection last year, and she even has teabags with crystal energy. Confused? So are we. 

We spoke to Amiee Carlton, the founder of Liferocks, and Victoria herself is a big fan - she carries around the brand's copper bottles daily. We wanted to know what all the fuss is regarding crystals, how to incorporate crystals into your daily life, and what Amiee recommends for particular life events such as a wedding or a pregnancy. 

victoria beckham

So many celebrities are into crystals right now? Why do you think there's such a craze at the moment? 

I am seeing a massive shift in people look to other modalities for balance and healing. I think that people are just connecting more to the roots of what we come from. At the end of the day, we come from the universe. Crystals come from the universe. Why would we not feel connected to them? It just history and human behaviour, right? 

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How do crystals work?

Crystals (ie smokey quartz. Rose quartz. Black tourmaline etc.) have grown over thousands of years underground. They each have a very specific molecular structure that makes them what they are. This structure vibrates and creates a frequency (think back to physics class). 

It is this frequency that holds supportive properties when it is aligned with our personal frequency. In a way it creates vibrational balance and as a result, a feeling of wellbeing.

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What is the one crystal that'll benefit everyone?

I would say clear quartz. It is known as the master healer. It amplifies energy. Cleanses and clears vibrational density and stimulates vitality. 

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Where should you put your crystal or crystals?

If you have a small crystal I suggest keeping it next to your skin. Crystals vibrate and have a vibrational field that extends around them. If the stone is small, the vibrational field will be smaller so have it close to your skin to encourage entrainment between you and the stone. 

If you want a stone to clear your home of low vibration, I’d suggest a smokey quartz or black tourmaline placed in the hallway or living room.

Amethyst or lepidolite by the bed can induce calm and sound sleep. These stones should really be bigger if that’s what you want them for.


Do you need to carry crystals around?

They can be supportive to have them on your body. I also like to meditate with them at home. I use bigger pieces and still find I can get the same balance. Also, like I said, having them in living spaces can be really beneficial. 

How much do crystals cost on average? 

Wow. Well, they can range depending on size and stone. Some stones are harder to source. Moldavite, for example, can only be found in one place and is actually formed as the result of a meteorite. This makes the stone very expensive to buy, even if it’s tiny. Also, the quality of a stone affects the price. For example, a Brazilian amethyst will cost less than an Uruguayan one.

If you come across a piece at a 'great' price please find out where it’s from and how it is mined. 

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Where do you buy crystals?

I am very careful to buy my stones from people who know exactly how the crystal is mined. It is something we need to be mindful of. Destroying the planet to have a piece of it totally goes against the "good vibes" concept. That aside, there are great places like Astro gallery in New York which has an amazing museum in the back. Closer to home, Wilde Ones in London King's Road is great. I sell a small number of pieces that I source through my Liferocks website. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt really, but awareness and availability is growing. 

Do crystals work differently for different people?

For sure! Sometimes a stone’s vibration can feel too much for someone and make them feel light-headed. Or too slow and lethargic. It’s not always crazy, obvious. Crystals work with the subtle bodies (emphasis on subtle) so simply be aware of your energy levels. Mood etc. If it’s not vibing with you stop using it. It’s not a 'bad' thing or 'wrong'. It’s just what it is. Like people. We don’t all vibe with everyone. Nor should we have to

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Would you say crystals are a form of self-care? 

Without a doubt. I do a lot of alignment work with people and many of my clients come twice a month in place of their weekly massage 

We've seen a rise of facials using crystals - what do you think of this?

Awesome. All growth and use and awareness of working with stones if great if you ask me. As long as people are being mindful of where they are getting them. 

crystal facial

Let's talk scenarios! If you have a job interview, what crystal is best?

Tigers eye for confidence concentration and singular thinking 

If you're getting married is there a crystal that's good for that? 

Blue kyanite is interesting because it works on questioning and realigning ingrained belief patterns. We all hold these over and through our lives and I think in marriage we can come up against a lot of 'shoulds' and 'right and wrong' and 'what married people do'. 

This stone enables a couple to question beliefs that may not actually be true for them any more and can work around what now works for them in their married life for them as a couple. 

Also, this is a great communication stone. What married couple doesn’t need to communicate?!

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The other obvious crystal is rose quartz. Love. Kindness. Open heartedness. Compassion for self and others!! A great stone for new love. 

If you're pregnant, what crystal would be advised? 

Carnelian is great because it supports the uterus in pregnancy. Also, lepidolite to calm anxiety.

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