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8 incredible NHS heroes to follow on Instagram to get spot-on advice

As Vogue puts three frontline workers on its cover, we look at the NHS heroes we're looking to on Instagram for advice and guidance...

8 incredible NHS heroes to follow on Instagram to get spot-on advice

Especially during these unprecedented times where conflicting - and often incorrect - information is ubiquitous, it's important to curate your social media feed and follow people who share facts. Enter these NHS heroes, who are all are using their platforms to share the most up-to-date medical advice, bust common myths and share their experiences being on the frontline of this pandemic - they're well worth a follow...

Dr Alex (@dralexgeorge)

Originally of Love Island fame, Dr Alex is now making a name for himself as a TV doctor. He has been working in A&E during the pandemic, and has been giving his 1.4 million followers regular updates on his experience, as well as educational videos on his YouTube channel.

Dr Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic)

Hazel is an NHS medical doctor and registered nutritionist and she attempts to bridge the gap between conventional medical advice and the latest thoughts and development in nutrition and other areas of lifestyle medicine. Follow her for nutritional advice, yummy and healthy meal ideas and lots of myth-busting. 

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Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence (@drfrankiejs)

Usually stationed in GP practice, Frankie moved to A&E during the Covid-19 pandemic. And she is using her experience to ease her followers' anxieties around the crisis, as well as provide evidence-based information and bust health myths. Her content is incredibly informative and up-to-date.

Dr Sophie Edwards (@drsophieedwards)

A chartered health psychologist, Sophie's message is focused on a health at every size approach. She regularly shares anti-diet culture messages, shines a light on weight stigma and how to overcome it and promotes the intuitive eating method on her Instagram account. 

Dr Anita Mitra (@gynaegeek)

NHS gynaecologist Anita uses her platform to spread evidence-based facts about 'down there' healthcare, end shame around gynaecological matters and encourage and empower women to seek medical help when needed. Follow her to understand more about your hormones, family planning care and gynaecological conditions like endometriosis. 

Dr Philippa Kaye (@drphilippakaye)

London-based GP Philippa is a regular on This Morning, as well as an author with five books under her belt on subjects ranging from pregnancy to child health and development. She uses her Instagram account to educate on a vast array of different medical topics and most recently, Philippa showed her followers how to make a face mask out of an old t-shirt. 

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Dr Ranj (@drranj)

Known for his TV appearances, Dr Ranj has a staggering 250,000 followers and has been educating them on the latest Covid-19 updates over the past few months. He also offers advice on hygiene and maintaining mental health, as well a glimpse into his fun showbiz life! 

Dr Joshua Wolrich (@drjoshuawolrich)

As well as working full-time in the NHS, Joshua fights against weight stigma and weight discrimination on his hugely popular Instagram account. He regularly busts nutrition myths and dismantles the diet culture that is so present on Instagram. 

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