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Princess Kate's three-month-long recovery is 'crucial' following abdominal surgery

A doctor explains the importance of the Princess of Wales' recovery time  

Princess Kate while talking to aid workers during visit to the London headquarters of the Disasters Emergency Committee in April 2022
Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
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Today marks one week since Princess Kate was admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery, with the 42-year-old expected to stay under the watchful eye of medical staff for another seven days.

Once she is discharged from her ultra-private hospital, the Princess of Wales isn't expected to return to her royal duties until Easter, with her recovery the utmost of importance.

"Resting after surgery is crucial for a safe recovery," confirms GP and aesthetic doctor Dr. Chandni Rajani. "Procedures involving anaesthesia or incisions carry the risk of complications and infections.

Kate Middleton visits Nottingham Trent University© Getty
Princess Kate isn't expected to return to work until Easter

"Overexertion, particularly after major surgeries, can lead to immediate or long-term physical issues. While it's essential to follow your doctor's advice on gradually becoming active again to encourage blood flow and strength-building, don’t rush the process.

"Many surgical procedures necessitate ongoing post-operative care for days, weeks, or months."

Princess Kate is known to be fit and healthy, but this doesn't mean she should rush back to physical activity either. "Feeling good doesn't necessarily mean your body is ready for a return to normal activities," says Dr. Rajani.

Though Princess Kate is among the hardest-working royals and is likely keen to return to her role, going back to work too soon could impede her recovery, says Dr. Rajani.

Catherine, Princess of Wales visits St Davids Cathedral to commemorate the life of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a small private service, marking the one-year anniversary of her passing on September 8, 2023 in St Davids, Wales.© Mark Cuthbert
Princess Kate must take her time during her recovery

"Returning to work prematurely after abdominal surgery can hinder the essential healing process. Incisions from such surgeries require time to mend and rushing back to work may disrupt this, elevating the risk of complications."

The active nature of Princess Kate's royal engagements is an added concern. "The physical strain associated with many jobs can stress weakened abdominal muscles, potentially impeding recovery. Recovery time is vital to ensure proper healing, minimise complications, and facilitate a smoother recovery process."

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While several months seems a long time to take off work, Dr. Rajani explains the importance of rest when it comes to recovering from abdominal surgery.

"Rest is needed for a full recovery," he says. "During rest, the body directs energy to healing processes, with sleep being particularly crucial for tissue repair and hormone production.

Princess Kate with arm up showing ring© Getty
Princess Kate needs to take resting seriously

"Adequate rest supports immune function, reduces inflammation, and manages pain, creating optimal conditions for efficient and effective recovery. Rest is an active phase that allows the body to prioritize healing, contributing to a smoother and more complete recovery."

The fact that Princess Kate's royal duties require her to be smartly dressed in tailored trousers and sophisticated dresses is another reason she needs to take time before returning to work.

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"Choosing lightweight and breathable clothing that doesn't exert pressure on or stretch your wounds is crucial; avoid anything elasticated or tight," says Dr. Rajani. "A onesie, for instance, is excellent for home recovery—loose-fitting, warm, and comfortable. Furthermore, wearing comfortable clothes influences mental well-being, fostering a sense of comfort and relaxation that enhances the overall recovery experience."

We hope Princess Kate is getting all the rest she needs!

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