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Cancer-stricken Shannen Doherty reveals heartwrenching way she is preparing for death

Facing stage 4 breast cancer, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum’s courage shines brighter than ever

Faye James
Senior Editor
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Shannen Doherty has always been a beacon of strength and resilience, not just in her iconic roles but in her personal life as well. 

At 52, facing stage 4 breast cancer, the Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed alum’s courage shines brighter than ever, especially as she confronts the realities of her condition with grace and foresight. 

Her recent candid reflections on preparing for the future underscore her unwavering commitment to her loved ones, particularly her mother, Rosa.

In a heartfelt episode of her Let's Be Clear podcast, Shannen shared her journey of decluttering her life. 

In her latest podcast, Shannen talked about how she is preparing for death© Instagram
In her latest podcast, Shannen talked about how she is preparing for death

This task, though seemingly mundane, holds profound significance for her. She's meticulously sifting through her storage units and homes, deciding what to keep, donate, or sell. 

This effort, as Shannen revealed, is driven by a desire to ease the burden on her mother in the event of her passing. 

Shannon at 54 has stage 4 cancer© Instagram
Shannon at 54 has stage 4 cancer

"My priority at the moment is my mom," Shannen voiced, her concern for her mother's well-being evident. 

The thought of leaving her mother to handle her affairs alone weighs heavily on her heart, motivating her to make these preemptive decisions.

Shannen's narrative took us to her Tennessee home, a place she once dreamt of turning into a sanctuary for herself, her mother, and horses in need.

Shannon had a candid chat on her latest podcast
Shannon had a candid chat on her latest podcast

 This dream, rich with the promise of nurturing and solace, became a source of deep emotional conflict for Shannen as she faced the heart-wrenching decision to let it go.

 "It was really hard and really emotional," she admitted, as she grappled with the implications of abandoning this dream. 

Yet, in this moment of vulnerability, her mother's support offered a beacon of hope. Encouraging her to hold onto her aspirations, Rosa reminded Shannen of the strength and possibility that still lay ahead. 

This support became a turning point, allowing Shannen to view her situation through a lens of pragmatism and peace. 

Despite the initial dream of renovating the Tennessee property feeling like a distant possibility due to financial and practical constraints, Shannen realized she could still fulfill her passion for helping horses through supporting established rescues.

Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs in 1999© Getty Images
Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs in 1999

“I can still live my dream of helping horses…I can still live that dream by really participating in rescues that are far more capable of me doing it.”

This epiphany marked a pivotal shift in Shannen's journey. She began to see the act of letting go not as a concession to her illness but as a strategic move to focus on what truly matters: creating lasting memories with her loved ones. 

By selling off her belongings, Shannen found herself in a position to cherish and build new experiences with her family, especially her beloved mother.

 "It allows me to take more trips because I’m making money, I’m selling it," she explained, highlighting the joy and freedom this decision has brought her.

Shannen's openness about her cancer journey has been a source of inspiration and solace for many.First diagnosed in 2015, she bravely battled into remission by 2017, only for the cancer to return with greater ferocity. 

Last year's update on her condition, revealing the spread to her brain and later her bones, was met with a collective outpouring of support from fans and the wider community.

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