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split of Jennifer Garner with image of her trampolining© Getty,Instagram

Jennifer Garner's 'mood-boosting' workout to stay youthful at 52

The 13 Going On 30 star shared her playful workout with her 16.2 million Instagram followers

Katie Daly
Lifestyle Writer
May 24, 2024
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You only had to see the photos of Jennifer Garner with her 13 Going On 30 co-star Mark Ruffalo recreating their iconic Thriller dance in February to see that age is no match for the Jenna Rink-playing actress. 

Jennifer, 52, took to Instagram to share a lighthearted video that gave fans an insight into what the Family Switch star may be doing to keep strong and healthy. 

Jennifer Garner looks incredible© Getty
Jennifer Garner looks incredible

The Adam Project actress was seen bouncing on a mini trampoline from the comfort of her $7.9 million California home. See the video below.

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HELLO! spoke to the head of fitness at Everlast Gyms for Sports Direct, Martyn Oakey, to get the full lowdown on Jen's playful workout and why more women over 50 can take note of this unconventional form of exercise.

Why is bouncing on a trampoline good for your health?

If you think of a trampoline, you typically picture small children in the backyard on a summer's day. But trampolining is actually an excellent form of exercise for adults. 

Jennifer Garner on mini trampoline© Instagram
Jennifer shared a video of her bouncing on Instagram

"It is a full-body workout that simultaneously targets and engages multiple muscle groups, such as legs, arms, back and core," Martyn tells us. 

"Since rebound-based exercises raise your heart rate and burn calories, it can also help you to lose weight when paired with a calorie deficit diet. Some research also suggests that exercise like trampolining has an afterburn effect and speeds up metabolism as your body still burns calories for a short time after your exercise is finished."

Trampolining is great mentally

Jennifer Garner in mid air© Instagram
Jennifer looked joyous jumping on her trampoline

There's a reason Jennifer looks so joyful as she bounces on her trampoline. "It is a mood-boosting activity due to its playful nature, helping to release endorphins which improve your overall happiness," Martyn explains. "Enjoying your exercise means you’re more likely to keep it up and stay engaged, which is useful if you’re trying to build a regular routine!".

Why is trampolining a beneficial workout for women over 50?

Jennifer Garner in mid air star jump© Instagram
Check out those moves!

If you are a woman in your 50s like Jennifer, you could think about bringing trampolining into your workout routine. Martyn tells us: "It is a low-impact exercise that absorbs shock, compared to activities like running or jumping on solid ground which do not. This allows for a good cardio workout without putting stress on the joints - this is particularly beneficial for those going through menopause and experiencing symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness."

Will trampolining offer results?

Woman jumping on mini trampoline© Getty
Trampolining has benefits for physical fitness

Bouncing regularly on a trampoline isn't just a fun form of exercise, it can also yield results. Martyn explains: "Exercising regularly on a trampoline will slowly strengthen and build your muscles, which has multiple benefits. Over time this can help to improve your overall strength and give you a more toned physique. Not only this, but it also improves your posture,  helping you to stand straighter and with more confidence."

How can you bring trampolining into your workout routine?

Many of us are put off trying new workouts due to costs, access to classes, or even space to store new equipment. A mini trampoline like Jennifer's is a great option which won't cause major inconvenience in these areas. 

Woman doing sit-ups on mini trampoline© Getty
Trampolining is not an expensive addition to your workout routine

"For those wanting to opt for the at-home workout, you can buy mini trampolines in-store and online. They are usually quite space-efficient and mobile so can be moved around and placed in the perfect spot in your house," Martyn reassures us, adding that you can also find many helpful trampoline classes on YouTube.

How often should you trampoline?

Jennifer Garner walking in workout clothes© Getty
Jen works out to stay fit and strong

If you want a toned physique like Jennifer, Martyn says to build up the frequency of your trampoline sessions to avoid injury. He recommends two to three exercises a week, for around 15 minutes per session. 

Which moves should you master as a beginner?

A woman jumping and making gestures in a fitness trampoline.© Getty
Master easier moves before advancing to more advanced ones

Don't feel you have to be a pro straight away. For complete novices, Martyn recommends mastering stationery jumps, low jumps, and swivel hips to get warmed up and help develop form and control.  

A mid-adult instructor jumping on a Fitness trampoline.© Getty
You can find instruction videos online

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Once you have those moves under your belt, you'll be as pro as Jennifer nailing star jumps, tuck jumps, hamstring curls, and scissor kicks.

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