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Get the look: Holly Willoughby's 'Dancing on Ice' makeup

Want to copy the 'Dancing On Ice' host's gorgeous makeup? Celebrity makeup artist Alice Theobald shows us how...

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Every year the contestants on hit reality show Dancing On Ice rack up hundreds of column inches – but host Holly Willoughby's polished looks and plunging gowns get their fair share of coverage too. The first show of this year's series proved no exception, so caught up with top makeup artist to the stars Alice Theobald to find out how to create the star's subtle yet vampy look.


"Great makeup starts with great skin, so I always cleanse and moisturise before I do anyone's makeup," says Alice. "Put the moisturiser on dry areas of the skin only – if you've got oily areas it's a no go because your foundation will slip off. 

"I always put a moisturising lip treatment on too. It primes the lips before putting on the lipstick – especially at this time of year when people are prone to having flaky lips. Do this as part of your first step, so that by the time you put the lipstick on they'll be perfectly moisturised." 

Next, Alice recommends using a priming lotion all over the face and then working on emphasising the cheekbones. "Use a highlighter – I use Benefit’s Hollywood Glo – on your cheekbones. This gives a glossy finish to the skin. Then use a loose powder to dust across your face, to give the base you've created extra staying power." 

The eyebrows and eyes are up next. "Using an eye definer brush – Bobbi Brown do a great one – add definition to your eyebrows to get a defined arch like Holly," she advises. "Use light, feathery strokes you can strengthen the eyebrows – this works especially well on blondes who perhaps lack definition in their brows. Chanel do a great brow palette."

Next up: eyeshadow. "I love Christian Dior 5 Eyeshadow No. 030 Incognito palette. Using the lightest shade, sweep the powder evenly from your lashes to your brow line. For between the socket and the lash line mix the two darkest shades and blend, before taking the darker eyeshadow underneath the lash line on your lower lashes and blending outwards. 

"Then use a liquid eyeliner on your top lid. Apply this in two steps – start in the middle and draw a line to the inner corner, then begin again at the middle and draw a straight line outwards to create a flick." 

To give your eyes extra sparkle, Alice suggests using the edge of a black kohl pencil to gently smudge below your lower lashes. "Put this in the inner rim of your lid too, to make your eyes pop," she says. "Then choose a peach-toned blusher to create Holly's look. To apply, smile at yourself in the mirror. Apply the blusher to the most prominent part of your cheek and then blend outwards in circles to achieve the perfect glow." 

No look is complete without maximising your lashes, and Alice loves Yves St Laurent mascara in black. Curl your lashes before applying the mascara, and once it's on get an eyelash comb to get rid of any clogs. "Ruby&Millie do a good comb," she reccommends. "And for those who dare – and are skilled enough – use some fake eyelashes to finish off the look!" 

The bold lips are crucial to Holly's Dancing On Ice look. "I've chosen Illamasqua’s Feisty pencil to gently line the natural lip parameter. Make sure you blend it inwards, either with a lip brush or your fingers, to avoid any harsh lines. Then use a lipstick – Illamasqua’s Box is perfect – before blotting with a single ply of tissue. Then reapply for extra long-lasting hold."