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From BB to CC creams: your new simple skin alphabet

18 January 2013
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They were the revolutionary product of 2012 and this year Beauty Blemish balms are here to stay. BB creams are the answer to every busy working girl's makeup routine. Combining the qualities of an SPF, moisturiser, primer and cover-up, this magical little product can reduce your morning routine to simply a few minutes. Following huge success in the Asian market for their brightening and blemish-reducing properties, it's no surprise these balms have become an essential in many a woman's handbag.


By smoothing over the skin's surface, the balm's lightweight texture leaves a finish absent of that cakey made-up feel. And, although it has often been compared to tinted moisturisers which are ideal for those with a next-to-perfect complexion, these beauty balms bring to the table a whole host of beneficial qualities for those who have more complex skin complaints. Offering a dewy, sheer coverage they can inject radiance back into dehydrated skin in addition to covering up any marks or blemishes in a way that competes with its thicker foundation variables. This is efficient skin technology working at its best and, as the products have developed in their popularity, so they have become more specialised at tackling the appearance of larger pores, fine lines and pigmentation. Whilst some products stick closely to the original formulations from Asia which came out in a grey-white cream that adapts to your natural skin tone, others provide tints for a more sun-kissed complexion.Not just a cover-up, some BB's are also packed full of skin-rejuvenating vitamins or slow-release hyaluronic acid microspheres for plumping and resurfacing.

BB & CC Creams

But if BB creams didn't have it all covered already, keep your eyes peeled, because new CC (colour correction) creams are proving to be the big contestant on the market. Personalised skincare to suit you, these light formulas work to neutralise discolouration in the skin extinguishing the need to layer on heavy concealer.A corrector in lavender or lilac will brighten and revitalize or, if your natural blush is a tad too much, then a base of green colour correction cream should do the trick at minimising red areas.Soon to be taking the UK stores by storm, get ready to pick up L'Oreal's CC collection by March/April 2013. And, for those who really can't wait, Chanel’s Complete Correction Cream is already a huge hit in Asia and is available to buy online.

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