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The most common mistakes made when plucking eyebrows

March 27, 2015
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While models such as Cara Delevingne can pull off bushy eyebrows, for some of us it's not always the most flattering look. However, if you prefer to pluck your eyebrows at home rather than heading to a salon, sometimes it's easy to get carried away and end up with a dreaded over-plucked style. We take a look at the most common mistakes made when plucking eyebrows, and how to avoid them.

eyebrows© Photo: Getty Images

Using the wrong tweezers

If you're looking to remove hair in bulks, try slanted tweezers, as the wider grip will make them comfortable. Stainless steel tweezers make for a great long-term tool as they always stay sharp. However, if you're looking to remove very short or fine hairs, opt for tweezers with a pointed tip as these will be easier to target specific hairs with.

Shaping your eyebrows separately

It's better to take a few hairs from each side at a time, rather than doing one eyebrow and then trying to copy the look on the other side.

Leaving the hairs to grow for too long

Tweeze the few short hairs you want to get rid of every few days - it will be easier to spot which ones should stay and which should go.

Plucking in the wrong light

Always use tweezers in natural light so you can see the hairs properly. Try plucking after a hot bath or shower as the hairs will be easier to pull out.

Doing it too often 

If you want a dramatic transformation, it's best to let your hair grow as long as you can so you can reshape them to full effect.

Fixing mistakes 

If you make a mistake, do not correct it, however tempting. It's better to let the hair grow back, and if you overpluck you run the risk of ruining your eyebrow's shape and arch.

Sticking to one mirror

Always sit in front of a large mirror, and use a magnified smaller mirror as these will give you more detail and a better overall view, so you can check the shape you want is emerging.

Take care of your tweezers

Keep them protected in your make-up bag as friction can cause them to become dull.