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The ultimate pre-holiday hair and beauty timetable

June 24, 2015
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Your flights are booked and your summer wardrobe is ready, but before you go on holiday there's always some last-minute hair and beauty preparations to be made. Whether it's getting your hair cut to keep it in good condition or scheduling in a fake tan for a healthy pre-vacation glow, make sure to leave enough time to get all your treatments done.

We take a look at the ultimate pre-holiday hair and beauty timetable…

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Start your hair and beauty timetable a month before you leave

A month before you leave: dye your hair

If you're planning on dyeing your hair try and do it at least a month before your holiday. Without UV protection, the colour can fade or alter in the sun. If you want highlights, ask the stylist to do them a few shades darker than normal as the sun will naturally lighten them. Once you're out there, use colour-enhancing hair care with UV protection to keep the colour radiant.

Two weeks before you go: tint your lashes

To keep your eyelashes looking lustrous by the pool without ending up with panda eyes, try tinting them a week or two before. Make sure to leave 24 hours for a patch test before your treatment.

A week before you go: exfoliate

Get your skin in shape and treat yourself to an exfoliating treatment a week before you leave – go just before your wax. It will not only leave your legs silky smooth, but will create the perfect base for an even, glowing tan.

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Treat your skin to a facial the night before you leave

A week before you go: waxing

Get your legs waxed a week before to ensure you have smooth legs – make sure to do it before you fake tan otherwise you'll risk stripping away the colour.

Less than a week before you go: fake tan

The British weather doesn't make for great sunbathing conditions, so if you want a healthy glow before you hit the beach, fake tan is the way to go. Avoid instant shimmer tans and stick to gradual ones that moisturise as they go. These will build a natural, streak-free colour that you can add to once you're away.

A few days before you leave: get your hair cut

Book an appointment to have a trim a few days before you go away, even if it's just to tidy up your locks. That way any dry or split ends, which are vulnerable to sun damage, will be removed leaving you with healthy-looking hair.

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Prep your locks by going for a trim and trying a deep conditioning hair treatment

Two days before you leave: get a manicure

Gel nails are the away forward for a holiday-proof manicure. Aim to get them done a day or two before you go. A good gel manicure will last up to four weeks. If you haven't got time to go to a salon, try buying the polish and a UV lamp to do it yourself at home.

The night before you go: have a facial

The night before you leave, treat your skin to a deep cleansing facemask – it will rid your skin of any nasty impurities and toxins. Try not to wear any make-up when you fly and stick to a light moisturiser to hydrate tired skin.

The morning you leave: try a hydrating hair mask

The morning you jet off, give your hair a nice nourishing deep conditioning treatment. Silky soft hair and a soothed scalp will be the perfect way to start you holiday and will prevent unwanted frizz on the journey.

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