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An A to Z guide to this season's biggest beauty trends

June 2, 2015
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Whether it's Kim Kardashian revealing her contouring secrets, or the new negative manicure trend sweeping the catwalks, the choice of beauty trends and crazes to try can sometimes become overwhelming. On top of the latest must-try looks, miracle products and superfoods make their way into our beauty regimes, but it can be difficult to keep on top of what's good for you and what's best to avoid.

Check out our comprehensive A to Z guide for all things beauty including how to help you master the world of beauty and try out the season's biggest trends.

contouring© Photo: Instagram

Kim Kardashian is often hailed as the queen of contouring

"It's not just products that people are hailing their beauty success down to," says expert Laura Meredith. "It's superfoods and bizarre routines."

This year has seen artichokes hailed as the new must-eat food for a healthy diet, and thanks to their fantastic anti-ageing properties they look like they are set to stay. Meanwhile, Gywneth Paltrow has caused a stir in the industry after revealing that she is a huge fan of 'oil pulling', which involves swishing sesame seed or coconut oil in your mouth to whiten teeth and improve your health.

However, when it comes to make-up it's not just about the products you use – it's knowing which ones are right for you and how to apply them properly.

oil pulling© Photo: Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow revealed she is a huge fan of 'oil pulling'

"Some products, especially in make-up, can be daunting or seem too similar as their use isn’t really explained properly," says Laura. "Just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean it’s right for your skin type or look – it’s important to know what’s what to see if you need an illuminator or a highlighter."

For example, while a highlighter is great for showing off your best features, it's best applied on top of your cheekbones, temple and centre of your chin. An illuminator however is used to brighten your general complexion, not just specific areas - these work best mixed in with foundation or moisturiser.

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