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From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner: how to get the stars' Diamond Ball beauty

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Stars from Kylie Jenner to Zendaya pulled out all the stops on Thursday as they joined Rihanna for her second Diamond Ball. We take a look at how to recreate some of the best hair and make-up looks from the glitzy bash - click through for the full list.

rihanna © Photo: Getty Images


Skin: Rihanna seems to have embraced strobing for her radiant complexion. To achieve the look, apply highlighter in strokes to the middle of your forehead, cheekbones, eyebrow bone, the tip of your nose, the Cupid's bow and finally, the centre of your chin. Then take note from the Umbrella hitmaker and add a touch of blusher for a fresh-faced finish.

Eyes: Add a twist to the classic winged eyeliner look like the singer by opting for a pale eyeshadow before you draw on the line. Take liquid liner and, starting from the inner corner of your eye, draw a thin line as close to your upper lashes as possible. Next, draw a thin diagonal line outwards from the outer corner, as a guide for the wing, before adding a straight line from the tip to the middle of your eyelid, and fill in the outline. Complete with dramatic long lashes.

Lips: Nude lips are a major red carpet trend, but if you want to add a touch of glamour like Rihanna, go for a nude lipgloss for a touch of shine.

Hair: For Rihanna's super sleek and slicked back locks, start by spritzing texture spray through your locks at the roots to add volume. Next, section your hair and use straighteners to smooth each section, pulling the hair backwards as you do so. Finish with hairspray to hold in place.

kylie © Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner

Skin: Enhance your complexion like the Keeping up with the Kardashians star by opting for a matte foundation, with a touch of strobing on the forehead and cheekbones for a healthy glow.

Eyes: For an alternative to full on smokey eyes, take a leaf from Kylie's book and use kohl liner for the same effect. Start by applying primer and a nude eyeshadow to your lids to keep the make-up in place, then take a kohl pencil liner and draw a line near the upper lashes, slightly smudging on the outer corner. Complete the look with a single stroke to extend the line, and add a slick of mascara to your lashes.

Lips: Kylie's a huge fan of matte lipsticks – they make for understated yet striking glamour. Pick a nude shade or a soft pink to get the rosy look.

Hair: For the reality TV star's tousled waves, simply use a curling iron to loosely add waves into your tresses - don't worry about making them neat as this style works best when left slightly undone.

zendaya © Photo: Getty Images


Skin: Contouring is a great way to achieve Zendaya's striking make-up base – add a touch of blusher afterwards for a fresh-faced glow.

Eyes: Metallic smokey eyes always make a statement, and grey shades can make for a softer take on the trend. Start with the medium eyeshadow shade, brushing along the base of your eyelid, above the lash. Using an angled brush, apply the darker shade from the outercorner of your eye and work inwards closely to the edge of the lash line, and then keep blending the colours until edges are no longer defined. Complete with false lashes.

Lips: For matte pale pink lips like the actress, add a slick of concealer to your pout before applying the colour. Line your lips with a pink shade matching your chosen matte lipstick, and use a brush to fill in the rest of your lips with the lipstick.

Hair: For Zendaya's super sleek ponytail, part your hair to the middle and brush until it's completely smooth – if you want a bit of volume you can use texture spray at the roots. Next, sweep your tresses into a low ponytail, tying it with an elastic as close to the nape of your neck as possible.


jada © Photo: Getty Images

Jada Pinkett Smith

Skin: For Jada's smooth, even complexion, start by applying a primer followed by foundation – the key is to keep blending to ensure no patches are noticeable. Add a touch of concealer to any noticeable blemishes for a flawless finish.

Eyes: Metallic eyeshadows are such an easy way to up the wow factor, and we love the soft pink shade Jada chose – team it with a hint of eyeliner and mascara like the star to really let the colour pop.

Lips: Statement red lips are a beauty classic. Line your pout with a shade as close to the lipstick as possible. Then, using a small brush, fill in with the lipstick. Add a slick of gloss like Jada for an eye-catching finish.

Hair: For Jada's gorgeous 1920s-esque finger waves, start with wet hair – blot it dry with a towel until it's still damp but not dripping. Part your hair to the side and comb through so there are no loose strands. To create the waves, place your finger parallel to the parting and comb the hair next to it backwards, then pinch the wave in place with the length of your fingers. Use metal clips to keep in place. Work through all of your locks – you can add rollers at the ends if you have longer hair to create a faux bob effect. Leave to dry and gently take out the clips before spritzing with hairspray to hold.

emily © Photo: Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski

Skin: For Emily's barely-there make-up look, simply add a touch of highlighter to the forehead and chin, and complete with blusher on the cheekbones.

Eyes: If you want to try glitter eyeshadow then Emily's shimmering pink metallic look is an easy way into the trend. Pair with black winged eyeliner and a slick of mascara for effortless glamour.

Lips: Follow in Emily's footsteps and complement your blusher by opting for a pale pink lipgloss in a similar shade.

Hair: A super smooth low ponytail can look great slicked back, but if you want Emily's laidback chic touch then simply brush through and tie at the nape of the neck – it doesn't matter if there are a few flyaways as this adds to the effect.


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