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This will change the way you apply your make-up...

February 16, 2016
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If you often find yourself splashing out on make-up but want to stick to a budget, there's an easy solution – multitasking products. From using blusher as nail varnish to defining your eyebrows with eye shadow, there are some easy tricks that every make-up artist uses to make the most of their favourite products – scroll below to discover the full list…

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There are many multi-tasking make-up products

Petroleum jelly to set perfume

Dabbing on petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to your pulse points before spritzing perfume will make it last longer. The ointment is air and watertight so will seal in fragrance better than applying to dry skin.

Foundation as cream blusher

Cream blushers are increasingly popular but if you don't want to break the bank, simply put some of your favourite powder blusher onto the back of your hand, then mix with foundation. Apply the beautiful pale colour to the apples of your cheeks.

Argan oil for nails

This miracle oil has been hailed as a saviour for hair, but it works wonders on nails too. Apply to any dry cuticles for a moisturising boost.

Highlighter as lip plumper

If you're after full lips, you don't need to buy a series of products. Instead, apply your lipstick, then draw a small cross across the middle part of your lips and cupid’s bow with highlighter. Blend and blot for fuller-looking lips.

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Experimenting with make-up doesn't mean you need to splash out on new products

Eyeshadow as eye liner

Dampen an angled eye shadow brush or cotton bud and dip into your eye make-up palette. The water will intensify the pigments to give a strong bold line.

Matte eye shadow as eyebrow definer

If you want to fill in your eyebrows for a bold look, find an eyeshadow that matches the colour as close as possible – make sure the powder is matte for a natural look. Apply with an angled brush for extra definition.

Blusher for nail varnish

Nude nails are a huge trend, but you don't need to invest in new bottles to find the right shade for you. Instead, scrape a bit of your blusher onto a clear surface and mix with clear nail varnish. Try a shimmering shade for a touch of sparkle.

Eyeshadow as highlighter

Going out and want to touch up your contouring? Mix a tiny amount of pearly shimmering eyeshadow with your face powder and place on cheekbones, T-zone and the front of your nose.

Concealer as primer

Does your eyeshadow often crease or even slide off? Try dabbing a touch of concealer onto your eyelids as a base to keep it in place.

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