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Kat Von D tells HELLO! about her personal style and new make-up range

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Tattoo artist Kat Von D is becoming a global beauty phenomenon thanks to her cutting-edge make-up range. Beauty Editor Nadine Baggott catches up with her to talk about breaking boundaries and more...

Kat Von D is a cult figure in the world of TV and tattooing – fans will recognise her from US reality series Miami Ink and LA Ink where she stole the show with her gothic glamour and incredible artistry. Now the 34-year-old has created one of the fastest-selling beauty brands, with a new range available in the UK exclusively at Debenhams - and we find out why it's creating such a buzz.

"I want to create something that’s cool and unique. I name every shade, design every piece of packaging, help choose the colours and textures, the finishes and formulations," she tells HELLO!. "There isn't a font used on my packaging – I personally design and draw every letter on it. I even curate the content for our Instagram. I poured myself 100 per cent into this and I know that my customers appreciate that."

kat von d

Her own style is just as eye-catching, with the beauty guru renowned for her gothic glamour vibes.

"I love the Hollywood glamour era of the 1940s and 1950s, but also the Victorian Gothic aesthetic," she explains. "My style icon is Beethoven. If I could dress like him every day, I would. But I would be made fun of. And my beauty inspiration is Edith Piaf. Not that she was a conventional beauty, but just her demeanour, the way she sang and expressed herself with her hands; it is so inspiring and powerful."

Kat admits that sometimes she feels "judged" on her appearance, but added that she wants her new range to appeal to everyone.

She explains: "Sometimes, yes. I think because I have a pretty dark image, people might think my make-up is just for Goths who like spooky stuff. But I’m proud of the versatility of my colours and formulations. My mom uses it, and when I meet my fans on-counter they are every age, every style, every skin colour and that is really rewarding."

Find the full story and Kat's must-have beauty kit in HELLO! on sale now. 

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