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Stacey Soloman admits she hates her "fake" teeth and warns fans to stay away from veneers

Trust Stacey to be as open and honest as this

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Stacey Solomon has penned a candid column about how pregnancy destroyed her teeth – and warned other women to think twice about having veneers fitted, as "once you go down that road there is no going back". The former X Factor star wrote in her column in The Sun's Fabulous magazine that after her dentist fitted Lumineer veneers to disguise the damage that pregnancy had caused her teeth she was left with a "weird" and "unnatural" smile that she’s still not happy with.

stacey solomon teeth© Photo: Getty Images

Stacey is upset that her smile 'will never be normal again'

"I have veneers and my real teeth underneath are like brown pegs," she wrote. "In the first few months of my second pregnancy I was seeing the dentist more than the midwife. I endured problem after problem… My teeth turned a funny colour, I had to have some removed as they were so damaged and I was soon full of fillings."

She explained that her dentist suggested Lumineers as they are more gentle than regular veneers, which require the teeth to be shaved down. "At that point I would have done anything to get my teeth back to normal,” she continued. "What I didn't realise is that they would never be normal again.

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"Even though the Lumineers were only a millimetre or two thick that makes a huge difference on top of your own teeth. After the long and extremely painful procedure I remember looking in the mirror and thinking: 'Those aren't my teeth.' They were bulbous and whiter than white. Not only that, they felt weird."

The 28-year-old went on to explain that after a second round of procedures she is more comfortable with her teeth, but that she still misses her old, natural smile. "I have those make-up free days when I just want to look and feel totally natural which I can only if I keep my mouth closed. Because no matter which way you look at it, fake teeth always look fake," she concluded.

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"So to anyone thinking of undergoing surgery on their teeth for cosmetic reasons I urge you to really look in the mirror and appreciate how beautiful your natural, character-filled smile already is."

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