Ciara spends $20,000 kitting out jungle nursery for baby

It seems money is no object for pregnant Ciara when it comes to making sure everything is perfect for the arrival of her baby.

The singer spent thousands of dollars in one go during a trip to upmarket LA baby store Petit Tresor to kit out her forthcoming arrival's nursery.


Ciara reportedly racked up a $20,000 bill after deciding on a jungle theme for the baby's room – spending $1,800 on an 8ft stuffed giraffe alone.

The rest of the money apparently went on other large toy animals, lion bookends and artwork.

Ciara has never revealed exactly when her bundle of joy is due to make an entrance, though she is "not too far off being in the delivery room".

The singer did want to keep the gender of her baby under wraps, saying: "I want to keep that special".




Ciara's fiancé the Future accidently let slip the baby's gender in a recent interview

Her other half, rapper The Future accidentally gave the game away though, when he referred to the baby as "him" in an interview.

He said: "The baby is already listening to music now. She sent me a video while I was over here with the headphones on her stomach. She said 'The baby just listened to Turn On The Lights, the version with me and you!' I said 'He gott- You gotta play that Anytime for him, the new one you did. Let him hear that. See how he kick'."

Ciara has said that her fiancé "got what he wanted", when it came to the gender of their baby, though declined to say whether that was a boy or a girl.
Video: Ciara and fiancé Future appear in the video for her song Body Party