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James and Ola Jordan reveal one phobia they don't want to pass onto baby Ella

Find out the latest on James and Ola Jordan's baby daughter Ella in their parenting column for HELLO!

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James and Ola Jordan share a laugh when Ella begins to whinge after being laid down. "She likes being held all the time," James explains before he can be heard chatting to Ella. "You want daddy to pick you up?" Instantly, Ella's crying stops and Ola laughs: "She's got him wrapped around her finger, haven't you baby?" The former Strictly pros have enjoyed another special week with their daughter, and now know what every type of cry can possibly mean. 

james ola ella

Little Ella has found her feet

"She gets really angry when she's hungry," James explains. "She kicks off! She has a whiney cry when she's tired so we can tell now from her cry when she's hungry, when she's tired, when she's bored and she wants your attention. She's talking a lot more, makes a lot of sounds. Much more vocal. She knows how to get our attention now!" The adorable baby girl has also started to discover how to use her legs, and Ola continues: "She's starting to move a lot. She hates tummy time so it's not like she's moving on her tummy, but when she's on her back she can move using her legs. When we put her on her mat, she'll do circles so if we turn around and turn back she'll be in a completely different direction, and we're like, 'How did she do that?'" 

james with baby ella

She loves being held 

Ella's new-found wriggling has made certain things slightly challenging, as James adds: "It's getting tricky to change her nappies because she can lift her bum off her floor now and she's a lot more wriggly. When you pick her up and start to burp her she starts throwing her head around and arching her back and pushing you - she just wants to move. She's really got control of her limbs this week. She's hitting toys and things and is trying to grab more. She's worked out her legs can make her move." 

They have also been enjoying being out in the sunshine with little Ella (while keeping her in the shade, of course)! "We took her out into the garden yesterday and we keep her out of the sun but I was walking her around and she was really looking at the trees and the colours, because I guess 99 per cent of her time she's just in two rooms seeing us," James says. "I'm going to try dipping her feet in the swimming pool soon to see if she likes it. It might be a little too cold for her so I'm not going to swim with her but I'd love to get into the pool early so she's not scared of water - because Ola doesn't like water." Ola explains: "I can swim in a swimming pool but I'm not a confident swimmer and am scared of water. That's the one thing that I don't like really, water." 

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James recently left Ola and Ella for some mummy-daughter time to play golf during the week, which is now allowed as per government guidelines. He says: "I went to play golf and for me, it's so exciting to come home, I can't wait to get home and see my daughter. As soon as I walk into the door I just want to see her." "What about your wife?" Ola teasingly interjects. "Nah, not so much!" he replies, laughing. Speaking about taking care of Ella while James is out, Ola says: "We're fine when he's golfing. We have cuddles!" 

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The new parents have said that caring for their daughter helped to keep their mind off the heartbreaking news that James' dad Allan has suffered another stroke this week. "It's been horrendous," James admits heavily. "My mum called me this time and because the lockdown has relaxed a little bit it's the first time I've just rushed over to their house. I saw my dad and it's just not a nice thing to see, your dad in that way. He was not in a very good way and he's been like that for five days. I spoke to the consultant and he said he's been having seizures continuously... for four days and they were trying to get it under control, which isn't good." 

james jordan dad mum

Allan is back in hospital

However, he is starting to do a little better, as the new dad explains: "Yesterday they put him on a different medication and three hours later, he started calling people. Admittedly he looked horrendous and didn't sound great but it's a massive positive." Ola claims it has been a "rollercoaster" time for their family. "Just when you think like, my mum is out of hospital and is okay and his dad is recovering and everything is going alright and Ella is getting better, bang, dad's had another episode and he's back in hospital," she says. 

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Speaking about how having Ella has helped, James says: "To be honest, because Ella is here it's kept my mind off it. I have to be there for my baby, I can't be too down because I don't want her to sense that. I know my dad wouldn't want that either. Yesterday he was saying on the phone, 'I don't want anyone to worry about me,' while I was telling him not to worry about us and to focus on himself." 

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