You won't believe how sweet Holly Willoughby's throwback school photo is

TV presenter Holly was the cutest little girl

Sophie Hamilton

Oh my goodness, look how sweet Holly Willoughby is in this old school photo! The This Morning presenter shared the picture on her Instagram page in late 2019 and we still can't get over how cute she was.

The picture shows Holly and her older sister Kelly in their uniforms on their first day back at school. Smiling for the camera, Kelly placing a protective arm around little Holly – and how adorable are the girls' matching hairstyles?

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Holly shared the snap at the start of the new school year last September, writing: "Me and my sis @ladywilloughby off to school many moons ago… and now it's a new school year… perhaps there's a new school to discover and new friends to make. Whatever challenges you are faced with this September… attack them with all the self-belief, hard graft and determination you can muster… you've got this guys!"


Holly (left) and her big sister Kelly

It had been emotional week for Holly back then, with her youngest child Chester, four, starting school for the first time. Now fast forward to June 2019 and much of the world is in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, with parents all over the country home-schooling their children.


Holly and her son Chester on his first day of school

Holly has previously spoken about her high-profile career and motherhood, confessing she's found juggling the two a 'challenge'. Speaking to Red Magazine, she revealed:

"Becoming a mum was the only thing I knew I definitely wanted when I was growing up, but the image I had never involved me being a working mum."

Holly continued: "That's the biggest challenge. I've been riddled with guilt about getting that part wrong. You love them so much and you don't want to mess them up."

Holly and her sister Kelly now

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Holly went on to reveal how she "hated" missing Harry and Belle's first days of school due to filming commitments on This Morning. "I didn’t do the drop-off because I was working," she added. "I hate that I wasn't there because those memories you can't get back."

However, Holly found a way to "combat those feelings" of guilt as she revealed she was lucky to greet her kids after school and be there on weekends.

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