The baby names most likely to make your child an influencer - and some are royal!

What to call your son or daughter if you want them to reach social media stardom

From traditional baby names to royal-inspired monikers, double-barrelled names and even Disney-inspired newborns, parents now have the pressure of naming their baby based on their likelihood to become a social media influencer.

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Think fitness influencers and beauty gurus, travel bloggers and gaming streamers - the possibilities are endless for your child to become the next big thing on social media as they get older.

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With 1 in 5 children in the UK aspiring to be an influencer when they grow up - could their name make them more likely to make it as a social media star? If you've called your child Lauren, Chris or David, the answer could be yes!

Thanks to new research from Pilot Fish Media, we now know the baby names most likely to help your little one reach social media stardom after analysing 1,200 of the world’s biggest influencers across Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

Could your baby's name determine their future success?

The British royals were one step ahead of the trend, with several royal names featuring in the top spots on the list. Sarah Ferguson's first name made a space in the top 10 female baby names, whilst the Queen's cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, took the fourth most popular spot for baby boy names.

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Give your baby one of these influencer-inspired names and you could help determine their future potential to gain hundreds of thousands of followers…

The study analysed thousands of social media influencers

Top 10 female baby names for social media stardom

1 Lauren

2 Hannah

3 Alexandra

4 Jessica

5 Jen

6 Sarah

7 Stephanie

8 Rachel

9 Samantha

10 Amanda


Top 10 male baby names for social media stardom

1 Bradley

2 David

3 James

4 Michael

5 Matthew

6 Chris

7 Rich

8 Daniel

9 Jess

10 Steve