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Ola and James Jordan discuss royal baby name Lilibet and take Ella for her first swim!

Catch up on the former Strictly dancers' latest column

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Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
June 11, 2021
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Former Strictly stars James and Ola Jordan have shared their own personal views on the name of Prince Harry and Meghan's newborn daughter Lilibet, following a week of press attention over the choice.

In their weekly parenting column, the couple tell HELLO! why parents should be free to name their children as they choose and reveal how they decided on their little girl's name, Ella.

There's quite a surprise for Strictly fans too, as we discover that Ola is not actually the professional dancer's real name!

This week was also full of excitement for 15-month-old Ella who went swimming with daddy, as you can see in our adorable video below.

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WATCH: Ella goes for her first swim!

Catch up on the Jordans' week here…

The royal baby name

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed a baby girl on 4 June, named Lilibet Diana. Lilibet was the Queen's childhood nickname and Diana is after Prince Harry's late mother.

Following reports in the press over whether the royal couple sought the monarch's permission to use the name, we asked Ola and James for their views.

archie harrison

Harry and Meghan with their son Archie

James says: "My opinion on that is you should be able to call your child whatever you want to call your child.

"I think it's more ridiculous when people call their children these stupid names like peanut butter, pea for short! I find that more annoying. I think it's actually a level of respect that they're honouring her."

Ola tells us: "I suppose they didn't have to ask anyone, did they? Ella's second name is Amelia which was my great grandmother's name. I didn't have to ask anyone's permission.

"But on the other hand, it's created a lot of hoo-ha, which I find strange because they didn't want any press, they want to be quite private. I loved Prince Harry. I always wanted him to do Strictly!"

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Deciding on Ella's name

Ella is a beautiful name, so how did the couple come up with it?

James reveals: "Originally if we had a girl we were more down the lines of Sophia or Hannah. Then Ola said she really liked Bella so we compromised and called her Ella.

"Then you've got Ola and Ella. Sometimes I call Ella and Ola and Ola Ella and I get all confused. My brain can't cope with it!"

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Ola's real name!

This has come as a shock to us at HELLO! as Ola is actually a nickname, not the star's real first name. "My real name is Alexandra, but Ola is short for Alexandra in Poland," Ola explains.

James adds: "It's like Robert and Bob. But I never ever call her Alexandra, nor do her mum or dad or anyone."

And even more interesting is that on Ola's first Strictly show, she was meant to be called Alexandra but there was a change of plan at the last minute.

"She was going to come down and hear, 'Please welcome to the dancefloor DJ Spoony and Alexandra Jordan' and for whatever reason they put 'Ola'," James reveals.

Ola says: "I was like, 'Oh no!' At the time I was devastated but I got used to it. I'm glad now though as it sticks a bit more."

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Ella goes swimming

Sweet Ella loved her first proper dip in the family swimming pool this week as the trio enjoyed the hot weather. So how did she take to the water?

"She was unsure in the beginning," James tells us. "We took her in when she was a few months old so she wouldn't remember. It's the first time she's known what's going on."

Ola adds: "She really got into it though and she loved it in the end. When we took her out she wanted to stay in! We had beautiful weather but daddy got sunburnt. Ella had factor 50 all over with her little factor 50 swimsuit."

ella swim

Ella had a fun time swimming at home

In the video we see Ella take her hat off, looking pretty unimpressed.

"She does not like the hat," says mum. "I keep forcing the hat on her all the time when we go out in the sun but she doesn't like it at all. She knows what she wants, you know. She's a bit stubborn like that I'd say. How do you convince children to wear a hat?!"

The parents are planning on hiring a swimming teacher to get Ella confident in the water.

"I wanted to dip her under the water yesterday but mummy wouldn't let me," James tells us. "Ola's worried that we're going to scare her."

"I don't know what's best but maybe I'll get a teacher to come for a couple of lessons," replied Ola.

Staying safe by the pool

Like all parents, Ola and James keep a close eye on Ella near the water, and Ola tells us that she's a little worried.

"I'm really nervous when the pool is open so I like it closed. We've got a special cover that's great for kids," she says.

James adds: "And I'm not nervous at all because you have to go into the basement to go out to the pool. Ella's not going to be outside when the pool cover's open, because we only ever open it when we're out there using it. If she falls in the pool, I'm going to be there.

"But you're a swimmer and I'm not so we look at that differently," explains Ola. "We don't have a deep end. I wanted a pool where I can touch the floor everywhere."

And it seems some of James' social media followers are vocal with their views on the subject.

James reveals: "It's funny actually on Instagram, the number of people saying, 'You need to get a fence put around your pool'. But when you have a safety cover you don't have to. You could drive a car on that safety cover. I walk across it all the time."

Shopping with Ella

There was another trip to the shops this week for the Jordans, however, all did not go to plan. "We tried to shop!" says James.

Ola explains: "It's hard because Ella wants to get out of the pram, then it's not shopping is it?" We totally get it, Ola!

ola jordan

Ola prefers some mummy me-time when it comes to the shops!

James says: "Then mummy says to me, 'That's the last time I come with both of you'. It's like I'm a child as well! 'You two can stay at home next time, I'm coming on my own."

Mum and dad's night out!

We're so happy for Ola and James, who are having their first child-free night out this Friday.

Ola beams: "We're going to see how that's going to go down because I'll put Ella to bed by 7pm.

"We're going out for dinner with some friends and my sister is going to come and babysit. Hopefully, she won't wake up. If my sister has to go into her room, then it's game over."

We're crossing all our fingers and toes for you both.

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