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Give your skin the winter wow factor: skincare tips for colder weather

November 10, 2010
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Have you ever noticed that your skin begins to look dull and lacklustre as the winter months close in? A combination of cold, wintry weather and central heating can play havoc with your natural glow, with freezing temperatures and wind leaving skin feeling dry and cracked and less than its fabulous best.

Well don't worry. Help is at hand! "The key to keeping skin hydrated in the winter is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise," says Emma Jose, skincare expert at NIP+FAB. "Not only does this add moisture to the skin, but it also helps to create a barrier between the skin's surface and harsh environmental factors including the wind."

The lips are particularly prone to damage during the winter months as they are exposed to the elements, so ensure that you apply a good lip treatment and hand cream."


We love NIP+FAB's LIP+NIP FIX, £7.95, a healing multi-purpose balm that's perfect for helping keep those lips – and any other stubborn dry patches – gorgeous and soft. For the hands? Why not try Soap&Glory's Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream, £4.50.Containing shea butter and macadamia oil, it can soothe chapped hands and leave them smelling as sweet as marshmallow –which is one of the ingredients.

Celeb fans include Kylie Minogue and Coleen Rooney, while the Soap&Glory brand even has a blue-blooded following – Zara Phillips is said to love it.

There are other simple steps you can take to ensure your skin stays in tip-top condition throughout the winter, too. "Drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day," recommends Emma. "This will help to keep your skin fresh and radiant."

It's just as important to adopt a good facial skincare regime in the winter as it is in the summer and ensure that you thoroughly exfoliate at least once a week to prime the skin and leave it fresh and plumper. This also helps the skin to absorb moisturisers more readily."

Cleanse your face twice a day with a wash-off cleanser. Oil based cleaners are particularly good, as oil helps lift dirt and grime off the skins surface. "Contrary to popular belief, cleansing oils will not result in a skin breakout after you've used them. In fact, it's worth keeping in mind that it helps lubricate the skin and heals, protects and moisturises it so that it functions properly. This is particularly important in the winter months."

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