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Sleep detox: keep looking young and rejuvenated

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January is the perfect time to hide beneath the duvet and get a few winks after partying our way through Christmas and new year. And it's a great excuse to indulge, as catching up on a few z's is one of your skin's life lines.It's within those golden eight hours of recommended rejuvenation time that the skin has a break from the dry outdoor cold, central heating and bombardment of makeup, to replenish and renew its cells.


Make the most of your beauty sleep by surrounding yourself with comforting smells and pumping moisture back into dried out skin by dropping a few essential oils of lavender into a humidifier at night to wake up feeling refreshed. And forget about needing a coffee to make you look more awake, you can reduce the appearance of puffy eyes by simply sleeping on your back as this prevents fluid collection in the face.Just before you go to bed it's important to follow a regular skincare regime, especially if you have acne or sensitive skin. This will clean out all of the day's impurities from your pores and slow-down the ageing process of your skin, so remember to always take off that makeup before you head to bed. It may be hard to find the time, especially after a long night out, but products such as Clarin's Water Purify One-Step Cleanser are the 'no-need to rinse' skincare solution for the most tired among us – just one wipe and you're ready to snooze!


But for a full-face detox always begin with a gentle exfoliater. Massage the micro-grains into your skin in circular motions to stimulate the blood and lymph flow and cell turnover to re-ignite that youthful glow.Follow with a soothing cleanser and toner before fully protecting your face with a moisture-rich barrier. Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair is the skincare saving serum that is a favourite with many a Beauty Editor's handbag, and even at a costly £44 for 30ml it's worth the investment.But maintaining smooth, glowing skin on a daily basis needn't come with a hefty price tag. The key ingredient in this serum is Hyaluronic acid which enhances skin renewal and locks in moisture with its ability to hold a thousand times its own weight in water, so keep a look out for products with similar formulas.

  • This Works, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray  • Elemis, Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash and Soothing Apricot Toner • Clarins, Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser  • Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair  • Origins, Modern Friction

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