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Interview with skincare expert credited with keeping the A-list look young

1 November 2013
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Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lopez are just a few of the A-listers that swear by Rodial, the classic skincare range that the stars rely on to look their best. "We’ve always had great women using our products over the years, all those amazing women" Rodial founder Maria Hatzistefanis told HELLO! Online in an exclusive interview. 

"We had Jennifer Lopez use the Bee Venom moisturiser at the Grammy’s, and Elle MacPherson is a big fan of the range and she uses a lot of our products including the Dragons Blood sculpting gel," she added. "I believe Angelina Jolie has used the Dragons Blood in the past. "And what about the rumours that the Duchess of Cambridge herself uses Rodial? "I have heard that from other sources but I don’t have a direct confirmation!"Maria's goal upon founding the company in 1999 was to find an alternative to plastic surgery and injections, and the company is now recognised as a leading global brand.

Juggling a business, a family and being a celebrity is hard work, but Maria makes it all look effortless. "My background is a combination of being a beauty editor for Seventeen magazine and then I had a couple of years in finance but my passion was always beauty and skincare", she said. "At the time, 14 years ago, I saw a gap in the market so rather than just your basic cleanser, moisturiser, toner, every product would target a specific need of the face and the body. "The philosophy has worked, with Rodial now available in over 35 countries and numerous celebrity fans. "There are a couple of products that are really popular with the celebrities", Maria told us. "One is the Glam Balm Multi, a favourite of Cat Deeley and Cameron Diaz. Because it’s a multi-purpose product they take it when they travel and they also use it throughout the day to plump up the skin. We recently had Emma Stone talk about our Dragons Blood mask that is an instant plump mask. "A lot of celebrities go to red carpet events and want a product that gives them instant results so they apply the Dragons Blood mask which preps their skin for that red carpet moment. "Rodial also have several products that use instant fast-acting ingredients and long-term fat slimming ingredients to help with the body. Size Zero, Tummy Tuck (a favourite of Beyonce’s) and Snake Serum all target specific areas of the body and are substitutes for Botox and surgery. "They have a temporary effect", says Maria. "But the more you use the products the less visible the wrinkles will appear.""Snake Serum sends a signal to the brain to stop moving those muscles where you applied the cream. Tummy Tuck sends a signal to the brain that says fat cells need to increase their metabolism and the body needs more fat in order to produce more energy, so those cells start metabolising more quickly than usual and that helps with the fat burning effect of the cream. "We all know that it’s important to remain healthy on the inside as well though, so what tips does Maria swear by? "I always take Omega 3, 6 and 9 fish oils which are great to help plump up your skin from within", advises Maria. "It’s also great when you wake up in the morning to drink a glass of hot water with either shredded ginger or a slice of lemon to really get your skin hydrated. And then for vitality, and increased collagen production, nothing beats freshly squeezed oranges. If you want to shrink and look the best in your dress before a red carpet event, I would have lots of protein shakes and carbs 48 hours before just to give me strength. "Asked which is her favourite product, Maria replied, "It would have to be the Snake Serum, that’s my favourite. It’s a classic and a best seller. "Well if it’s good enough for Gwyneth and Kylie …

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