The beauty mistakes to avoid if you have oily skin

If you're struggling with oily skin and regularly find yourself with an unwanted shine, it could be that a few changes to your skincare regime could make a significant difference. From over-exfoliation to using the wrong product bases, we take a look at the biggest beauty mistakes to avoid if you want to manage your oily skin…


Avoid over-exfoliating oily skin as this can damage your complexion

Not using moisturiser

It may be tempting to avoid moisturiser due to a fear that it will make the oiliness worse, but this can have the opposite effect. Skin needs moisturising no matter what type it is. Try water-based or oil-free moisturisers. Ingredients such as zinc or jojoba oil are also great as these control oil production by signalling the skin not to produce excess sebum.

Using too many different products

As with all skincare routines, the simpler it is, the better. Find what works for you and stick to the same routine. If you overuse too many different creams, gels and scrubs, this can actually increase the skin's oil production.


Acne-prone or oily skin needs to be cleansed and exfoliated, but doing this too often can actually dry out your skin and cause more oil to be produced. Exfoliate once a week only but make sure it's gentle – try using a washcloth and avoid scrubbing.

Cleansing and moisturising are key to managing oily skin

Washing your face with cold water

Use lukewarm water instead – not only does it dissolve oil more effectively than cold water, but it also washes away the dirt and impurities on skin, unclogging your pores in the process.

Using a face towel

If you're prone to breakouts, don't use the same towel on your face for a few days as this spreads bacteria. Instead, use a paper towel – just make sure to blot your skin dry rather than rubbing as the latter can cause damage to your complexion.

Cleansing too much

You may be tempted to constantly cleanse your face to try and get rid of the oil building up, but this will actually damage and dry out the skin, triggering more oil production as it tries to repair itself. Using a gel-based cleanser twice a day should be enough – if you're really struggling in between, try carrying blotting paper with you to simply lift excess oil.

Opting for the wrong types of make-up

Foundation and make-up with gel, liquid or powder bases work better with oily skin and last longer. It may be tempting to cover skin with face powder but don't go overboard or this can make your pores more oily – instead just apply a hint of matte translucent powder to the shiny areas.

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