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Thread vein removal: how to get rid of facial spider veins

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Thread veins, more commonly known as spider veins, can become visible on the face and body as we get older and skin loses elasticity. What causes thread veins is a backup of blood, and while they may not cause discomfort, they can still leave the sufferer feeling self-conscious. Luckily, nowadays there are different types of vein treatment that can help make them less visible.

HELLO! caught up with beauty expert Feryal Ulusoy, who does thread vein removal at Tao Hair & Beauty salon, to find out how to get rid of spider veins.  

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Thread vein removal can help spider veins become less visible

"When using the high frequency method, the machine heats the thread vein via a very fine sterilized needle, destroying it and then allowing the body to reabsorb over a period of time," explained Feryal.

She continued: "Before the treatment starts I do a thorough consultation asking the client about their medical history to see if the treatment is suitable for them to have. The treatment is then explained to the client and what to expect after."

While the treatment can be done "on any part of the body", Feryal admitted that most people get the procedure done because "they feel self-conscious". She added that there are many benefits to opting for the treatment, including that it "can be treated on all skin types", there is "no bruising" and there are "great results once the skin heals".

"The risks are small," she explained, adding that there can be "scarring after treatment but this is very rare and can happen if the client picks at the scab". She also revealed that during the high frequency method, there can be "some burning sensation as the needle gets heated".

spider veins© Photo: iStock

Spider veins can be harmless but speak to your GP if you are concerned

Like any skincare treatment, the aftercare is key to helping your complexion heal itself and reduce the risk of scarring. "Avoid picking the area, no sunbathing, no saunas or steam rooms and no exfoliating until the skin has healed," she says. "If the skin feels sore after treatment I would usually recommend Witch Hazel Gel or if it feels itchy, Arbonne FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil."

She also warns that you might need a few sessions in order to see results. "It depends on how big the area to be treated is," she revealed. "Usually I do a 15 minute session which is plenty of time to remove a medium size area. The client may have to come back if some of the thread veins haven't been removed."

Unlike most skincare treatments, thread vein removal won't necessarily make a huge dent in your budget. "It depends on the salon you go to," she admits. "I charge £31 for 15 minutes."

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