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A closer look at laser facials: an A-list beauty secret

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Theyare the latest anti-ageing weapon and a favourite with the likes of Jennifer Aniston.HELLO! Beauty Editor Nadine Baggott gives us the lowdown on laser facials.

Shehas one of the best complexions in Hollywood and along with good diet, plentyof sleep and lots of water, Jennifer Aniston reveals she also has a skincaresecret weapon: anti-ageing laser treatments. "I love lasers," theactress said in an interview last year. At 47, the former Friends star looks as good as she did in her 30s, so sheclearly knows her stuff.


jennifer aniston© Photo: Getty Images

Jenniferis just one of a number of stars who have rejected extreme plastic surgery andvisible face-freezing and plumping injectables, turning instead to "littleand often" minimally invasive work aimed at stopping the clock, ratherthan completely reversing it.

Itis not just a US phenomenon. Debbie Thomas, a London-based laser facialistwhose client list includes Jourdan Dunn, Donna Air and Poppy Delevingne, sayslaser treatments are becoming part of the beauty regimes of many British peoplein the public eye. "It's what all my clients do – what most of the famousfaces you see who seem to remain ageless and without any signs of obvious workdo," she says.

jourdan dunn© Photo: Getty Images

Thisis not a facial in the traditional sense – we are not talking everyday cleanse,tone, moisturise and massage. A laser facial is an hour of lightweight acidpeels, skin-tightening longwave lasers, then fraxelated skin ablation (takingaway the top layer to speed up cell turnover, helping to remove age spots andfine lines and, eventually, tighten skin). It may even involve lasering theinside of your mouth to tighten your cheeks. Definitely not for thefaint-hearted; as Debbie says: "I don't do namby pamby."

"Mostof my clients do not want a lot of downtime, so instead they opt to see me oncea month for six or eight months, which allows me to do less-invasive treatments,"says Debbie. "Many like the results so much they simply book in everysingle month for maintenance. And trust me, they want visible results. Many arein the public eye, being scrutinised in pictures and on TV, so they have tolook their best."

Read the full story in the new issue of HELLO! out now. 

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