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Get good skin: Foods to avoid to stop breakouts and ageing

Eat your way to fabulous skin with this expert advice

get good skin
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After working on skin prep for this year's Oscars, Debbie Thomas knows a thing or two about keeping mature skin looking youthful. She's worked on a whole host of celebrities, and while the advanced skincare and laser specialist is synonymous with new technologies when it comes to skincare, she also says going back to basics, like what we eat, can help combat visible signs of ageing. "Your diet and lifestyle will affect your skin, as the healthier you are on the inside it will show on the outside," she told us. "In terms of age management, the foods to avoid or dramatically reduce are sugar, meat and dairy as they all cause inflammation in the body, which speeds up the breakdown of the cells and increases your chance of developing health issues.

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get good skin

Get good skin by eating the right foods

Hormones have a huge impact not just on how we feel but also how our bodies function. This includes how our skin behaves - eating a mainly plant-based balance diet full of unprocessed produce will help to maintain your health and your hormones." Aesthetic nurse Emma Coleman, the founder of Inner-Soul, also shares how the food you eat can cause breakouts. She goes by the adage you are what you eat, and suggests cutting down on carbohydrates and dairy four to six weeks before a big day or event.

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"Eating excessive carbohydrates and fats will increase sebum production, increasing the likelihood of a spot appearing at the wrong moment and dairy is also considered to be a main contributor," Emma said, adding you should fill up with high protein meals to keep you fuller for longer.

"Opt for vitamin A and E-rich foods, known to balance oily and dehydrated skins, such as pumpkin seeds, almonds, sweet potato, spinach, kale and fish. Selenium is another skin saviour as it has high antioxidant levels. Find it in high concentrations in Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and fresh tuna."

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